Stretching & Weight Training

Calves (Cross ankles, touch toes or the ground) Hip Flexors (Forward stride position, bend both knees, push back hip forward) Shin splints (Walk 40 meters landing on heels first, raise up toes than lower) (Duck walk) Butterflies (Sit down, put soles of feet together, lean forward from hip) Straight Leg (Both legs straight, lean forward and touch toes) Ab Stretch (Lean against wall, push abs forward) Quads (L foot in R hand behind R leg and pull up) Hamstring (Pair up - leg straight in air and push towards head) All strectches must be held for a minimum of 20 seconds. Order of stretches (only a guideline): Right over left Hip flexor Quads Butterfly R leg out Model stretch (gluts) Butt stretch Achilles Partner stretch


Lunges (backwards) Butt Kickers High Knees Skips

Weight Training & Core Work

(1 set of everything) Push-ups (shoulder width) as many as you can Push-ups (diamond) as many as you can Standing Shoulder Press as many as you can Dumbbell Press 10-12 Row machine or Bendover Row 10-12 Pulldown behind Neck 10-12 Dumbbell or Barbell curls 10-12 Plank Front 2 min Plank Side 2 min Swimmers 10-12 each arm Crunches as many as you can