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       Forms for the Sports.

General Sports Forms (for a Field Trip):
Field Trip Packet
Walk Thru (checklist for field trips)
Field Trip (Request for approval-3 part)
Permit (each student must fill out)
Medical Release (so coaches can act on their behalf)
Activity Permit (all students attending for Attendance)
Air Travel (checklist)

Hope is on the way - admin plans on reducing the number of Field Trip forms needed.

Other General Sports Forms:
Physical (Must have before they can compete)
Physical Waiver
Athlete Code Of Conduct
Coaches Code Of Conduct
Delinquency Form (5 part)
Accident Report (Must fill out for ANY accident)
Tournament Sanction Form
Wayne Salvatore Photography
CCS Pass Gate
GPA Form
Transfer Forms

Cross-Country & Track:
MidPeninsula Open Space application
Form 502 (Alumni/Faculty may compete)
CCS Entry Form (Cross-Country)
League Results
Pole Vault Sign-In
Track Syllabus

Individual Goals (For Swim Team members)

Sign-up Form (Do it today!)
Escrip Form (Easy Money!)