Transcript Request Form


1. There is a $2.00 charge per transcript for current students and a $3.00 charge per transcript for former students.

2. Requests are normally processed within 24 hours; however, during peak periods, additional time may be required.

3. Transcripts may be mailed or picked up.

4. Transcripts are not issued until all outstanding accounts with LYNBROOK HIGH SCHOOL are paid.

5. Official transcripts must be sealed and may not be opened.

6. You may use one request form for multiple transcripts sent to the same address. You must use additional request form for each different address.

7. Click HERE to print the Transcript Request Form.

Additional Information

1. Official transcripts are only mailed to institutions.

2. Unofficial transcipts may be obtained with the signature of the student.

3. Recommend you go to Lynbrook HS and pick up Transcript Request Form there and talk with Registrar with questions.

4. If you use the above form, be sure that all two (w) copies are filled out completely and the WHITE and YELLOW copy are mailed to the Registrar along with a CHECK for the appropriate amount. Mail to:

   Lynbrook High School
   1280 Johnson Ave
   San Jose, CA  95129

   Attn: Registrar Office