Homestead XC Course - 2.35 miles

Scroll down for Course Desciption. Start: At fifth pine tree by softball field (in line with 1st base line) and the telephonw pole 90 degrees to the right. Procede towards baseball field, counter-clockwise. Go behind homerun fence towards tennis counts. Left at corner of soccer field (2nd fence pole in on right & 2.5 fence pole in on tennis court fence [not counting end pole]). Left at corner of soccer field (5.5 fence pole from end on tennis court [counting end pole] & in line with GIRLS LOCKER ROOM sign on building. Cut through outdoor basketball court to track. Down track and take a left onto the shotput area. Go behind softball backstop and head towards starting line. (This is the Big Loop.) Start next loop in same manner but it will be called the Inner Loop. 1 MILE - At the 10th fence pole before the telephone pole that is closest to the tennis courts (about in the middle of the soccer field). When you cut through the outdoor basketball courts the 2nd time you go behind the baseball field backstop and cut straight across the field (instead of heading towards the track). Cross the field and take a right so that you are now running towards on-coming runners (if there are any this far back - maybe in the JV races). Head towards the start line - you are now running in a clockwise direction. Take a right at the start line and go behind the backstop. Head through the shotput area and take a right onto the track. (Notice you are now running the Big Loop in reverse direction.) Exit track and take a left cutting through the outdoor basketball court. Take a right at the corner of the soccer field and another right at the far corner of soccer field. Go behind the homerun fence and bear right. Once you get past the 1st base line, you have just completed one Big Loop in reverse direction. You are now going to continue towards the start line in reverse direction and head towards the finish. Continue towards the Start Line. 2 MILE - 40' past the 3rd telephone pole (2 mile mark is before the discus ring). Run through the shotput area and take a right on the track. Continue on the track - do not exit the track. There are two finish lines that can be used at this point - one that is on the track (for a completely flat course) or one that goes up the short, steep enbankment that finishes at the top of the bleachers. TRACK FINISH #1: At the 12th railing pole in front of the bleachers. GRASS FINSIH #2: At the 1st fence pole behind the bleachers. Total Course Distance - 2.35 miles