Stevens Creek County Park - 3.0 mile XC Race Site

Stevens Creek County Park website with contact phone #'s Course Map 3.0 mi Topo Map of area I went over to Stevens Creek Park and ran what the Monta Vista coach uses as a course there. It's 3.0 according to my Garmin so it would still need to be wheeled out. Things I don't like about the course: - It has a steep downhill at the .55 mile mark with a hard 150 degree turn to the left at the base. - It finishes up this same steep hill (Villa Hill). - Although the start is very wide, it narrows down to a one lane fire road within 100 yds (It could only handle 10 schools on this course). - Since it is an out & back, you have to stay to the right or you might run in to someone. It's one lane width the whole way. - The face of the Dam Hill is steep so coming down can be dicey (but hey, that's XC, right?). - Parking is $6 per vehicle (unless you can get the park to waive that fee). - There are only 2 bathrooms in the whole park. Each bathroom has two urinals and one toilet for the guys and I'm guessing three toilets for the gals (but I didn't check the girls). Things I like. - For a 7 school league it would work fine. - Mostly all dirt. - Lots of picnic benches and shade by the start/finish area. - Water is available. - Can handle busses. Other items of interest. - Upper parking lot (start/finish area) has 37 spaces plus 4 handicapped (HC) spaces (if they will let you park on the dirt you could get in another 30 spaces). - Lot by the info center has 5 spaces plus one handicap - Lower parking lot (good for bus parking too) has 111 spaces and 3 handicap spaces (the dirt would allow for an additional 11 spaces). - There are 4 gates (but the one at the base of Dam Hill seems to always be open) would need to be opened. - Lots of room for the finish chute. The Start/Finish area does take away about 50 parking spots in order to keep this area free of cars. I did NOT count these spots in my parking space totals since I knew they would not be available. So there you go - enjoy. hank