1/13/03 CCS Pre-Season Track Meeting

Miscellaneous Unofficial Notes

Approximately 6 league representatives (2 from SCVAL, 2 from PAL, 1 from SCCAL, and 1 from TCAL) and two guests were in attendance.

The meeting lasted 15-20 minutes.

Eileen Roche, who presided over the meeting, will prepare the official notes and they will be posted on the CCS website.

Eileen noted that all schools will get a maximum of 5 coaches admitted at the participant’s gate. If any coach gives the gate official a bad time at the gate (as an example, trying to get extra coaches into the meet), the principals of the schools of those coaches will be notified and the maximum number of coaches to be admitted free for those schools will be reduced to zero. The reason for this new policy is that the CCS is having trouble retaining officials because they do not want to be subjected to abuse at the gate.

Eileen noted that the CCS Board of Managers will meet on 1/30/03 and will probably approve the following by-law changes:

Section 3 E

Add at the end of the section – "At Large entries in the 800, 1600, and 3200 events will allow for enough at large entries to complete a full field of runners without creating an extra heat in these endurance events."

Section 3 F

Add a new sub paragraph 3 that states "League Entries will be submitted on disc next year in addition to the paper entry Form with the intent of transitioning to a fully electronic entry system the year after."

Section 4B 2

Add at the end of the section – "Starting Heights will be determined by Meet Management after all entries are submitted. Under no circumstances, will the opening height in any event be higher than the 40th percentile of league entry marks."

Eileen said that she would note on the CCS website next week the number of qualifiers that each league would get to the CCS semi-finals and the job assignments for each league at the CCS semi-finals and finals.

The CCS semi-finals and finals will again be held at San Jose City College. Some site information of interest:

Only water will be permitted on the track. No other


Seeds are not permitted on the track.

Spikes may not exceed 1/4 inch. There was a problem last


A new parking garage has been built on Leigh Ave. The

Parking fee will be posted on the CCS website.

The parking lot on Moorpark Ave is gone.

There is a new 3rd ticket booth by the parking garage.

There is a new concessionaire this year. He may place

Additional concession stands across from the main area.