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Jason Yow, 15, is a star on the school's cross-country team.
Jason Yow, 15, is a star on the school's cross-country team.



AccomplishmentsBroke Kennedy Junior High School's 26-year school record for running the mile. Jason won two gold medals at the Santa Clara County Junior High School races in the mile run. But he doesn't run for the gold; he runs for the personal lessons he gets with each step. ``It teaches you about yourself and how far you can go without giving up,'' he says. He is on the Monta Vista cross-country team and is just shy of breaking the school's record for the mile; his time is 4:33.86. He also is secretary for his class.

Role modelsMy parents. ``They support me in everything I do.''

HobbiesPlaying golf with his father and friends. Playing the saxophone and watching movies with friends.

Favorite foodJunk food, candy. ``My favorite is 3 Musketeers. I'm not a health nut. No way.''

Favorite fast foodJack in the Box's Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Favorite musicRock. The Band, New Found Glory.

Radio stationKCNL-FM (104.9)

WeaknessShoes. ``I love tennis shoes, basketball, running, all kinds of tennis shoes. I have about seven pairs.''

What bugs himPeople who aren't honest.

-- May Chow