NHSTCA - 2003

MEMORANDUM To: High School Track & Field Coaches From: Jimmy Carnes, Executive Director Re: National High School Track Coaches Association At the recent U.S. Track & Field Convention held in Kansas City, a group of high school track coaches met with the United States Track Coaches Association and created the National High School Track Coaches Association. This organization will be an affiliate of the USTCA, the same as the organization's other affiliates: NCAA Div I, II, III, NAIA and Junior Colleges. It will have its own officers and board of directors. The purpose will be to communicate on a regular basis over the Internet, promote track & field and allow high school coaches a vote and voice in USA Track & Field. Any divisional fees collected by the USTCA go directly to the division treasurer. Our plans are to have a similar organization for high schools. The National High School Track Coaches Association (NHSTCA) will be made up of members from each state that chooses to become involved. The NHSTCA will be given a position on the USTCA Board of Directors and will be a fully participating member organization within the United States Track Coaches Association. Each state will be allowed to select five state representatives to attend the yearly convention. And, every member would be a delegate with voting rights at the convention. Our nation’s high schools have 1.2 million boys and girls who participate in track & field and cross country. This is the greatest development program in the world, which provides our colleges and universities with great athletes who can go on to make an Olympic track team. Outside of their individual state coaching associations, high school coaches do not have a vote or voice in the operations of our great sport. This needs to change. The United States Track & Field Federation (USATF) is the governing body of our sport. The delegates to this organization are responsible for national and international competitions, including the Olympics. High School Coaches need to be delegates to the USATF national convention, which is where the primary decisions regarding these teams are made. At this time, the USTCA is lobbying USA Track & Field to allow the NHSTCA to select delegates to the convention and to the men’s and women’s track & field committees. We would like to have representatives from each state. The creation of a National High School Track Coaches Association has been tried before. Why will it work now? Ø The United States Track Coaches Association is a viable organization with over 5000 members willing to assist in the creation this needed organization. Ø The Internet now provides us with a communication tool that was not available in the past. We can send a broadcast email to our members and we have a website, which we can use to keep our members informed. Ø USA Track & Field now has a Coaches Advisory Committee with an opening for a high school representative. Ø We have tremendous high school girls track and cross country programs throughout the U.S. with more coaches involved than ever before. I believe there are many coaches from these programs who are ready to become involved nationally. Ø We have a need for high school coaches to be involved in the total development of our great sports. How are we going to make it work? During the past three months we have been collecting e-mail addresses of many coaches. We now have over 3,000 that we can contact. We are asking each of you to e-mail us your list of coaches and their e-mail address. There are over 50,000 high school coaches. We cannot print and mail to each; however, we can via e-mail. Please do the following: 1) Complete the membership form and return as a member today. Check the box that asks – do you want to serve as your state representative. 2) Send us as many e-mail addresses as possible of other high school coaches. 3) Review our website and give us ideas on how to help our sport. 4) Talk about the organization to others and help us make it a success. We do not want to leave out anyone willing to get involved. Our staff is small; however, we will do everything possible to follow up on your questions, etc. Please help us by completing all information and telling us about yourself, your program and your willingness to help. If you receive this e-mail and do not want to be involved or continue receiving information, let us know. We will talk to coaches who respond in each state and select five state representatives. You will receive information on the Conventions and all other matters concerning the NHSTCA. Check out our web for more information. Click on High School at www.ustrackcoaches.org . Attached you will find an application and information sheet. or visit it on the web at: http://www.ustrackcoaches.org/mainwebsite/nhstca/NHSTCA%20membership%20application.pdf