2002 Oregon Track Cancelled?

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Hello track fans..

A very sad thing has happened here in Portland. The Portland Interscholastic League has said that spring sports at their 10 schools will NOT be contested this spring due to a lack of funds. While we (Central Catholic) are not a member of the PIL and, therefore, not in danger, it is a very disappointing announcement.


The big picture is that an awful lot of kids in Portland will not be competing in baseball, softball, tennis, golf, and track & field this spring unless a large amount of money is raised in the next few months.

As many of you have no connection to Portland (other than me) you might find it odd that I'm writing you. Heck, we're not even in the PIL for that matter. So what's the connection for you track fans?

Pretty simple. Joaquin Chapa, Alec Wall, and Mike McGrath are in the PIL. You've seen their names before. Chapa has run 1:52.72, 3:54.89 and 15:07 xc. McGrath has run 1:50.48, 3:52.38 and 15:26 xc. Wall has run 8:29.61 and is a FootLocker finalist. These are three of the top middle distance/distance runners in the nation. I'd like to see them compete. I'd like it if you got to see them compete. Or at least read about them competing.

How can you help? Send a check for $5 or $10 or $100 or $1000 or whatever made out to

"PIL Athletics"
8020 NE Tillamook Ave #200
Portland, OR 97213

I wish it were a joke, and I was just trying to make a few bucks off y'all.

On that note, you can drop me a check also if you desire.

yours in track & field,