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What: Fourth Annual Coach Sealyís Silver Bullets Summer Track Camp.

Where: @ Homestead High School Track

When: The camp begins May 29th, 2003 @ 5:30-7:00pm.

Who: For all kids, all-comers, track enthusiast, competitive athletes, or anyone that is interested in getting in shape for the summer.

For more information about the camp contact:

Kenrick Sealy

Tel: (408) 626-8651


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Application Form

Fourth Annual

Coach Sealyís

Silver Bullets Summer Track Camp

Kenrick Sealy

2750 Joseph Ave. Apt # 9

Campbell, CA 95008

Tel. (408) 626-8651



The following is the official entry form for the 2003 Coach Sealyís Silver Bullets Summer Track Camp scheduled to begin on May 29th at Homestead High School. Please fill out and sign the necessary information that is applicable to you. Make checks payable to Kenrick Sealy.



Name (s): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Email address: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

School/Other: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Telephone: (H) ---------------------------------- (cell) --------------------------------

Fees: Check one Individual $ 110.00 ( ) or Family $130.00 ( )



I, the undersigned, totally agreed to participate in the aforementioned program with the knowledge that I am capable, fit and healthy to perform the task (s) that is/are asked of me during the length of the camp. I totally understand the terms and agreement of this contract and have all plans on executing them.



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