Alyssa Gagliani (Burlingame) - 2005

4/11 The Daily Journal has an article on Alyssa. 04/07 Hello...I have a GOOD NEWS update on Alyssa. Yesterday she stopped by the track for the first time since the accident to see her teammates in workouts. She was supporting them as they were doing intervals. And gave them words of wisdom as they came through the Start/Finish line in each loop. It was encouraging for all of us to see her back where she put in so many miles. She was upbeat because she had just gotten the word she would not have to have a knee operation. Now Alyssa can look forward to rehab in about 10 days without her knee brace. Her primary goal is to walk across the stage for her graduation in June. All in all she has had lots of ups & downs since the accident. Yesterday was a giant UP. A special thanks to you, Margaret and Doug at Dyestat for your support. Alyssa has recd notes & cards from many of her fellow athletes because of all of you. I will let you know a progress takes place :>) Frank 03/30 Half Moon Bay Review article. A note I received from Coach Hunt (Burlingame) a few days ago. I asked Frank if it would be OK to share this story and I got the go-ahead so here you are. 03/23 By the way she is getting out of the hospital tomorrow and will be going home to rehab. Alyssa has a long road ahead. She still may have to face surgery on her right knee. She does have ligament damage and a possible stress type fracture. She will find out more when she meets with Orthopedic specialist next week and I will keep you posted. 03/17 Hi Hank ...Thought I would let you know about one of our top female runners. Alyssa Gagliani, as you know, is one of Burlingame and C.C.S top performers. (ed. CCS record holder in the Steeplechase.) Last year as Junior she suffered from asthma and had a difficult X-C and Track year. This year as a Senior she had an outstanding X-C year and was primed to have great year on the track. Her season has tragically been cut short by a horrible traffic accident. A couple of Tuesday nights ago as she was coming home on a rainy night from one of Serra's play-off games on Highway 280. Just before her turnoff for 92 east she was cutoff and her vehicle flipped end over end. After being cut out of the SUV she was taken to Stanford's trauma unit. She sustained a shredded Aorta, broken back and injured knee. That is the bad news! The good news is when they went to replace the part of the aorta that feeds blood to her legs they found it intacted but bent. That was causing loss of blood flow and while it was shredded inside the outside of it was not harmed. They were so pleased. They repaired 3 vertebra in her back then and there plus inserted rods. The back operation was going to be performed several days later because they thought the aorta operation would take 6 - 12 hours. I am rambling a bit, must be senioritis!!! Any way the good news is she was moved Monday from Stanford to Mills Hospital in San Mateo for Rehab. She is in good spirits and is hoping to be able to run again. The Docs have not ruled this out but caution her that it might cause her to have back problems in later life. Like at our age! It has been tough on her teammates as well. They have dedicated their season to her. Monte Kelleher, he finished 3rd in the high powered boys race at K-Bell, had A.G. carved in his hair on the side of his head for the race. Katie Voightlander wore ribbon in her hair with A.G.. Gives the kids the sense they are after all mortal. After what happened to the Redwood Christian athlete it shows it can happen to anyone. Frank Hunt Regular updates will be posted. hank