High School Track and Field Bests – 2005

Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League, SCCAL, track and field top ten times and marks for the season through May 24th, 2005. Fax updates to 689-0977, e-mail to coulter@cruzio.com, or call in to Patti Coulter at (831) 588-2286. Improvements from most recent meets are in blue.

Girls Leaders

400 Relay Santa Cruz 49.6, Aptos 50.6, Harbor 51.4, SanLorenzoValley 52.2, Scotts Valley HH

52.5, Soquel 53.1,Watsonville 53.1, St. Francis 59.3,

1600 meters: VanAusdall (A)5:04.4, T.Johnson(SLV) 5:10.3, Barrientos(H) 5:11.06, Hamilton(SLV)5:16.6, C.Hoyt (SLV) 5:20.4, Schnittger(A)5:20.65, Jacobson(A)5:21.44, Cunningham(H)5:22.66, K.Deane(SLV)5:24.5, Anderson(H)5:24.87

100 hurdles: S.LeFever(A)15.70, Doniak(A)16.68, Jouras(S)16.9, Gibeson(SC)17.4, Noble(SC)18.0, Siegal(A)18.3, Hare(SLV)18.93, Schwerdtfeger(SLV)18.9, Collins(H)19.2, Happee(A)19.3

400 meters: Huxtable(SV) 58.08, Wright(SV)58.44, Long(SLV), 58.63, Munishkina(SC)59.84, K.Kallioninen(SLV)61.5, Jouras(S)61.7, Walden(A)62.55, Dodds(SV)63.18, Vanausdall(A)63.1, Barrientos(H)63.3, McPartland(H)63.3

100 meters: Morgan(SC)12.3, Archdeacon(H)12.4, Noble(SC)12.5, Sullivan(H)12.69, Long (SLV)12.9, DeBellote(SC)13.0, Stephens(SC)13.1, Matick(H)13.1, S.LeFever(A)13.1, Anderson(W)13.2, Darrough(S)13.2

800 meters: T.Johnson(SLV)2:17.03, Vanausdall (A) 2:18.50, Jacobson(A)2:19.17, Hamilton(SLV)2:21.0, C.Barrientos(H)2:22.99, K.Deane(SLV)2:23.1, Romo(SLV)2:24.47, Long(SLV)2:24.63, L.Deane(SLV)2:24.8, Feldman (H) 2:24.91

300 hurdles: S.LeFever(A)46.81, Jouras(S)47.46, Feldman(H)48.10, Tashima(SC)48.4, Doniak(A)50.35, Schwerdtfeger(SLV)51.6 Siegal(A) 51.82, McReynolds(SLV)52.13, Happee(A) 52.72, Collins(H)54.00

200 meters: Morgan(SC)26.0, Long(SLV)26.27, Munishkina(SC)26.60, Archdeacon(H)26.63, Wright(SV)26.61, D.LeFever(A)26.82, Huxtable(SV)26.9, ScWalden(A)27.58, ott(SV)27.6, DeBellote(SC)27.7

3200 meters: Barrientos(H)11:15.07, C.Hoyt(SLV)11:26.22, VanAusdall(A)11:28.94, Williams(SLV)11:33.29, Hunt(A)11:36.99, Hamilton(SLV)11:43.2, Cunningham(H)11:45.4, Schnittger(A)11:55.1, Koue(A)12:01.29, L.Deane(SLV)12:01.9

1600 relay: Scotts Valley 4:05.72, SLV 4:06.40, Aptos 4:14.86, Harbor 4:18.6, Santa Cruz 4:19.07, Watsonville 4:40.90

Long Jump: Sullivan(H)18’3 Ύ", Sanders(A)17’0", Williams(SC)16’6", Doniak(A)15’11 Ύ", Jouras(S)15’9", Happee(A)15’½", Sasscer(SLV)15’1 ½", Rodriguez(W)15’0", Curtis(SLV)14’6 Ό", Schmidt(SLV)14' 4 1/2"

Triple Jump: Sullivan(H)37’11 ½", Huff(A)34’8", Tashima(SC)34’5 ½", S.LeFever(A)34’1", Doniak(A)33’3 Ό", Williams(SC)32’11", J.Nicholson(A)32’2 Ό", Noble(SC)31' 9 Ύ", K.Nicholson(A)31’6½", Irao(W)31’ Ύ"

High Jump: J.Coulter(A)5’4", Belardi(A)5’4", Huff(A)5’2", Sambrailo(A)5’0", Lightfoot(SC)5’0", S.LeFever(A)5’0", Storey(A)4’10", Noble(SC)4’8", Schmidt(SLV)4’8", McReynolds(SLV)4’8", Toledo(A)4’8"

Shot Put: Dufresne(H)47’0", Hadley(S)40’4½", Chavez(W)33’11 ½", D.LeFever(A)31’5 Ύ", Nevitt(A)30’6", Gollbach(SLV)30’3", Christiansen(SLV) 29’11½, Keegan(A)28’9", Lopes(SLV) 28’8 ½", Doyle(S)27’10 ½"

Discus: Dufresne(H)141’11", Hadley(S)126’4", Doyle(S)110’6", Chavez(W)105’3", Christiansen(SLV)100’7", S.Pink(SV)99’2", Gollbach(SLV)99’1", Geesman(A)95’1", Nevitt(A)91’10, Keegan(A)91’7

Pole Vault: Rodriguez(W)11’0", D.LeFever(A)10’6", Lopes(SLV)10’6", Vainer(A)9’6", Wunder(SV)8’7,", S.LeFever(A)8’6, Lahman(A)8’0, Curtis(SLV)8’0", Collins(SLV)7’4, Mailot(SF)7’4"




Boys Leaders

400 meter relay: Harbor 43.40, Scotts Valley 43.86, Aptos 44.08, Soquel 44.5, Santa Cruz 45.16 , SLV 45.2 , Watsonville 47.7

1600 meters: A.Alvarez(W)4:20.45, Feldman(H)4:21.84, Rogers(W)4:30.07, McMillin(H)4:31.6, Carothers(A)4:31.86, Landry(SC)4:36.2, Gonzalez(SV)4:37.3, Roseman(H)4:37.99, Mayeda(A)4:38.35, Tapia (W)4:38.8

110 hurdles: Worth(SC)16.90, Heil(SV)17.0, Casterson(A)17.4, Guerrero(W)17.51, Renwick(A)18.57, Howard(S)18.87, Delaney-Busch(SC)18.9, Anderson(S)19.0, Sintetos(H)19.2, Taku(SC)19.2

400 meters: Luttrell(SV)49.31, Curtiss(A)51.79, L.Johnson(S)51.89, Mullen(SV)52.0, K.Coulter(A)52.47, Robbins(A)52.67, , Newland(H)53.0, Fillman(SV)53.07, Morris(SV)53.14, Viglienzoni(S)53.6

100 meters: Weber(S)10.6, Newland(H)10.8, Tatum(SLV)11.0, Luttrell(SV)11.1, N.Sanchez(H)11.2, Condon(H)11.2, Bennett(S)11.2, Marquez(SC)11.33, Toulouse(SLV)11.3, Ponzio(W)11.4, J.Hogue(A)11.4

800 meters: Alvarez(W) 1:58.33, Carothers(A)1:58.51, Rogers(W)1:58.6, Feldman(H)1:59.75, Collins(SLV)2:00.96, Viglienzoni(S)2:02.1, Zepeda(W)2:02.12, Morris(SV)2:03.27, D.Servin(W)2:04.28 ,McMillan(H)2:06.4, Smith(S)2:06.5,

300 hurdles: Mullen(SV)41.99, Casterson(A)42.79, Heil(SV) 42.89, Worth(SC)42.95, Rogers(W)43.1, D.Alvarez(S)44.1, Guerrero(W)44.27, Coffis(SLV)46.4, Rosalli(SLV)46.5, Renwick(A)46.60

200 meters: Luttrell(SV)22.30, Newland(H)22.69, Fillman(SV)23.4, N.Sanchez(H)23.0, Johnson(S)23.1, Curtiss(A)23.1, Tatum(SLV)23.32, Toulouse(SLV)23.3, Weber(S)23.3, T.Peacock(A)23.76


3200 meters: Feldman(H)9:39.0, Tapia(W)9:50.02, Caruthers(A)9:54.4, Alvarez(W)9:59.4, Mayeda(A)10:01.22, Leighton(A)10:02.86, Landry(SC)10:04.30, Taylor(SLV)10:13.10, ,Roseman(H)10:20.02, Viglienzoni(S)10:22.60

1600 relay: ScottsValley 3:29.89, SLV 3:35.12, Aptos 3:36.01, Watsonville 3:37.7, Soquel 3:43.71, Harbor 3:43.8,

Long Jump: Weber(S)22’03", Marquez(SC)20’11 ½", Mullen(SV)20’5 Ύ" , Belling(SV) 20’4", Storey(SLV)19’10", Bjur(W)19’7 ½",J.Hogue(A)19’6 Ύ", Ortega(A)19'4", Rosalli(SLV)19’3 Ύ", Mitchell(SV)19’1"

Triple Jump: Rodgers (W) 42’2 ½", Belling (SV) 42’1 Ό", Worth(SC)41’1 Ύ", J.Hogue (A) 40’10 Ό", H.Sanchez(A)40’0 Ό", Weber(S)39’11 ½", Rosalli(SLV)38’4 Ύ", Mitchell(SV)38’3", Placscencia(W)37’03 Ό", Evey(S)36’9 Ύ"

ShotPut: Ikeokwu(SLV)46’2 ½", Knights(A)45’2 Ό", Forno (S) 43’11", Bright(A)43’10", Condon(H)43’1", P.Sanchez(A) 40’6", Yerena (A) 40’5 ½", Turner(SLV)39’10 ½", Villareal(SC)39’4, Espinoza(A)39’4"

Discus: Yerena(A)132’5", Forno(S)131’7", Espinosa(A)125’10", O’Connor(SLV)121’9", Knights(A)120’4", Turner(SLV) 120’2", MacNeel(S)113’11", Fox(SV)109’8" C.Hogue(A)109’5", Graham(SLV)108’7"

High Jump: Belling(SV) 6’0", Wright(A) 5’10", Mitchell(SV) 5’10", Tatum(SLV)5’10", N.Sanchez(H)5’8", Casterson(A)5’8, Sanchez (A) 5’8", McKinnon (S) 5’6", Rosalli(SLV)5’4", Ponzio(W)5’4", Williams(A)5’4", Callahan(A)5’4", Hurley(A) 5’4", Alessandri(W)5’4"

Pole Vault: Hancock(A)13’0", Maleta(S) 13’0", McKinnon(S)12’7", Zachary (SLV)11’4", Mikawa(A)10’6", Souza (SLV) 10’0", LaHue(A)9’6, Chau(PV)9’7" Clouse(A)9’0", Dersch(S)8’0"




Marks include AHS vs NMC non-scoring meet 3/3/05 & SCCAL Relays 3/5/05

AHS vs SLV and Soquel vs Watsonville SV vs SC and Soquel vs SF @ Soquel 3/10

Wildcat Relays includes individual field events & 3200 times


Aptos VS SC Duel 3/17

Harbor vs Watsonville & St.Francis @Soquel 3/17

SLV vs SV (newspaper only)

West Valley Relays 3/19/05

AHS vs WHS & St.F 3/23/05

Harbor vs SV 3/23/05

Stanford Invitational 3/26

F/S Top 8 4/1

St. Francis 4/2

AHS vs Soquel (harbor select)4/7

Quicksilver Classis 4/9

Arcadia 4/9

AHS vs SV 4/13

Soquel vs Harbor 4/13

SLV vs Harbor 4/13

SLV vs SC 4/13


Hampton/Phillips 4/16

Aptos vs Harbor dual 4/21

Soquel/Watsonville/SLV dual 4/20

Top 8 4/22

North Salinas Frosh/Soph 4/23

Centennial Invitational(Oregon)4/23

Soquel vs SV ,Harbor/SC, SLV/W&SF 4/28

Alisal Festival 4/30

SCCAL Trials & Finals 5/5 & 5/7

CCS Semi’s 5/21