CCS Dope Sheet - 05/25/07

2007 CCS Track and Field Championships Doping Sheet By Mark Foyer Half Moon Bay Review BOYS 400 Relay—Seaside, Bellarmine, Pioneer. Conservative passes will determine the winner. 1600—B. Surh (Carlmont), Corona (Willow Glen), Abdalla (Willow Glen). Watch for Hunt (Aptos) to battle for third. 110 High Hurdles—Hersey (Los Altos), Brown (Mt. Pleasant), Phillips (Bellarmine). The battle could be for time if the wind is allowable. 400—Reyes (Palma), Tucker (Monterey), Compitello (Bellarmine). Toth (Mitty) could join the top three in finishing below 50 seconds. 100—Topps (N. Monterey County), Avila (Seaside), Nelms (Evergreen Valley). Topps has enough to hold off the field. 800—Sam (Oak Grove), Reid (Mountain View), Palladino (Carlmont). Sam leads classy field. 300 Intermediate Hurdles—Hersey (Los Altos), Phillips (Bellarmine), McReynolds (Pioneer). Hersey close to breaking 38 seconds. 200—Avila (Seaside), Topps (N. Monterey County), Gonzales (Bellarmine). A tight curve will determine the winner. 3,200—Estrada (Alisal), Knorr (Valley Christian-Dublin), MacQuitty (Palo Alto). Race should take place at perfect time of day. 1600 Relay—Mitty, Bellarmine, Palma. See how low the time can be. High Jump—Rutledge (Los Gatos), Scott (Palo Alto), Wright (Aptos). Competition will be close. Pole Vault—Weiler (Los Gatos), Cusick (St. Lawrence), Schroder (San Benito). Weiler will make people get out a metric conversion book. Long Jump—Topps (N. Monterey County), Ferrara (St. Ignatius), Amanam (Bellarmine). Here’s hoping the winning mark is a wind-legal mark. Triple Jump—Goodrich (Evergreen Valley), Faust (N. Monterey County), Scott (Palo Alto). Can Goodrich clear 47 feet? Discus—Gordon (Mitty), Quirke (Los Gatos), Puga (Alisal). Powerful throws should continue this week. Shot Put—Quirke (Los Gatos), Powell (Bellarmine), Vargas (Los Gatos). Who will join Quirke in the land of 60 feet? Team—Bellarmine, Los Gatos, N. Monterey County. Bells score in 11 events, Wildcats get their points in the field, two people get points for Condors. GIRLS 2007 Central Coast Section Track and Field Championships Girls Doping Sheet By Mark Foyer Half Moon Bay Review 400 Relay—Mt. Pleasant, Los Altos, Monta Vista. Start of a big night for Cardinals. 1600—Townsend (Los Gatos), Johnson (San Lorenzo Valley), Cummins (Palo Alto). Sarge (Pioneer) could battle for third. 100 Low Hurdles—Thomas (Mt. Pleasant), Marshall (Valley Christian-SJ), Ibia (Evergreen Valley). Don’t blink or you will miss this race. 400—Nguyen (Milpitas), Pettigrue (Mt. Pleasant), Houp (Valley Christian-SJ). Nguyen should have the lead coming off the final turn. 100—Tarmoh (Mt. Pleasant), Marshall (Valley Christian-SJ), Wright (Presentation). A good start should determine the winner. 800—Robinson (Mitty), Diaz (Leigh), Hooper (Leigh). Robinson should dominate, with Leigh freshmen duo following. 300 Low Hurdles—Lee (Carmel), LeFever (Aptos), Ristow (Westmont). Lee’s battle will be with the clock. 200—Tarmoh (Mt. Pleasant), Huxtable (Scotts Valley), Marshall (Valley Christian-SJ). Tarmoh will dominate the race. 3,200—Daly (St. Ignatius), Rhoades (Carlmont), Barnett (Leland). The battle could be for third place. 1600 Relay—Mt. Pleasant, Saratoga, Valley Christian-SJ. Cardinals and Falcons will be in a close battle. High Jump—Rimbach (Prospect), Dolbec (Saratoga), Coulter (Aptos). Always a hard event to pick. Pole Vault—Anthony (Castilleja), Barthel (St. Francis), Giordano (St. Ignatius). Keep an eye on Anthony and see if she clears 14 feet. Long Jump—Thomas (Mt. Pleasant), LeFever (Aptos), Dugall (Mt. Pleasant). Thomas will clear 20 feet. Triple Jump—Thomas (Mt. Pleasant), Dugall (Mt. Pleasant), LeFever (Aptos). Will there be two people surpassing 40 feet? Discus—Handley (Soquel), Daniels (Milpitas), Oseso (Santa Clara). Handley will let it loose for win. Shot Put—Musika (Milpitas), Oseso (Santa Clara), Osai (Notre Dame-Belmont). Should be a fun competition. Team—Mt. Pleasant, Aptos, Valley Christian-SJ. Cardinals could set record for points scored.