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DAL Complete Results SCHEDUE OF EVENTS All final running events will be run on 4/30 except the FSB and JVG 3200, which will be run on 4/28. Finals for all FSB and and JVG field events will be held on 4/28. Each entrant will receive 4 attempts in the SP, Dis, LJ, and TJ. If there are more than 12 competitors, the group will be split into 2 flights. If flights are necessary, the athletes with the best marks will be placed in the last flight. Finals for all VB and VG field events will be held on 4/30. If there are more than 12 competitors, the group will be split into 2 flights. If flights are necessary, the athletes with the best marks will be placed in the last flight. All athletes will initially receive three attempts. After all have received three attempts, the athletes with the best 7 marks, will receive three additional attempts. The trials schedule on 4/28/08 is as follows: 1:30pm Coaches scratch meeting 3:00pm Trials begin 110 HH VB 65 HH FSB 100 HH VG, JVG 400M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 3200M JVG (Final) 300 IH VG, JVG, VB, FSB 3200M FSB (Final) 200M VG, VB, JVG, FSB Field Events (all are finals) (4 attempts only, except HJ) 1:30pm & 3:00pm Weigh-ins 2:00pm JVG HJ, JVG DT, JVG LJ, FSB TJ, FSB SP 3:15pm FSB HJ, FSB DT, FSB LJ, JVG TJ, JVG SP The finals schedule on 4/30 is as follows: 1:30pm Coaches scratch meeting 3:00pm 4x100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 3:20pm 1600M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 4:00pm 110 HH VB 4:05pm 65 HH FSB 4:10pm 100 HH VG, JVG 4:20pm 400M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 4:40pm 100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 5:00pm 800M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 5:30pm 300 IH VG, JVG, VB, FSB 5:50pm 200M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 6:10pm 3200M VG, VB 6:40pm 4x400M JVG, FSB, VG, VB Field Events (LJ, TJ, SP, DT, 3 attempts, then top seven 3 more attempts) 2:00pm & 4:15pm Weigh-ins 2:30pm VB HJ, VB LJ, VB SP, VG DT, VG TJ 4:30pm VG HJ, VG LJ, VG SP, VB DT, VB TJ MEET DUTIES The duties of the seven schools are as follows: Meet Director: Julie L’Heureux (Santa Clara) Duties Starter: Dick Connors (April 28) L. Milam (April 30) Timing: Mark McConnell (confirmed) Scoring: Santa Clara / McConnell Head Field Judge: Santa Clara Clerk of the Course: Wilcox Weigh in: Santa Clara Events: All schools please bring your own equipment for measuring and running your event. Please bring orange cones to place on the turns. Hurdles – Santa Clara Shot – Homestead Discus – Lynbrook TJ - Cupertino LJ - Fremont HJ - Saratoga Chief Finish Line Judge: Lynbrook Finish Line/Turn Judges: Each school will supply 1 person for turn judging. Coaches: Please forward this email to any official running a field event. Thanks. Attached is the meet program and schedule with meet duties. Please review and contact me ASAP if you notice any problems. Since we requested same school entrants not be in the same heat, you will notice the occasional seeding error. This is caused by our request to distribute the schools evenly. The only way to fix this, would be to seed strictly by time. No at-large entrants were accepted. Those schools that entered more than 3 entrants at, had their slowest entrant removed. The following schools need to send their dual meet scores to Hank Lawson: Wilcox, Fremont, Homestead and Cupertino. Please go to his website to see which scores are missing. Scroll to the bottom for the Dual Meet Records. We need this information to determine the overall League Titles. All Head Coaches and Officials running the field events should attend the scratch meeting at 1:30pm to review the following rules. Warm ups for field events will start after the meeting. Meet Management Rules The following are suggestions and will be discussed and voted on at the scratch meeting. If you don't agree with the below, email your suggestion ASAP. For distance races requiring 2 heats, we will run slow heat, fast heat. The 800m will run 1 turn stagger in lanes. The 1600m and 3200m will run in 2 alleys for 1 turn. The 1600m relay will be a 3 turn stagger. Heat Size for the following races: VB 1600m 2 heats of 10 VB 800m 10 slow, 11 fast VG 1600m 1 heat VG 800m 8 slow, 9 fast F/S 1600m 1 heat F/S 800m 9 slow, 10 fast JVG 1600 1 heat JVG 800 9 slow, 10 fast For field events, the max. number of entrants per a flight should be 12. The official, running the event, should split the athletes equally for F/S and JVG if more than 12 athletes check in. For the Varsity Division, the second flight should have a minimum of 8 athletes since there will be trials and finals with 7 athletes taken to finals. In the high jump, continuing flights should be used with 5 competitors active. Starting height should be 2 inches below the height of the last entrant that checks in. All field event athletes may check out no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of a track event in which they are entered and must report back within 10 minutes of the end of the track event. They must notify the event official when they check out and when they report back. The event official should allow them multiple attempts prior to the athlete checking out of the event if the athlete desires to make multiple attempts. If an athlete is participating in two field events at the same time, he/she should go back and forth between the two events as quickly as possible. All field athletes should be allowed several warm up throws or jumps, unless late to the event. This year, at some of the dual meets, athletes were limited to 2 jumps or throws as per our by-laws. This rule has rarely been used and for the league meet should not be enforced. At CCS, the field athletes will certainly be allowed more warm-ups than 2. Please review the above suggestion and be prepared to vote on Monday. If any questions, call or email. Thanks. See you Monday. Julie L'Heureux 408-247-9779 League Standings Varsity Boys Dual League Place School RecorPointMeet PointsTotal Final Place 1 Santa Clara 5-1 6 1 7 13 1 2 Lynbrook 6-0 72t 5.5 12.5 2 3 Saratoga 2-4 3.52t 5.5 9 3 4 Wilcox 4-2 5 5 3 8 4 5 Cupertino 2-4 3.5 6 2 5.5 5 5 Homestead 1-5 1.5 4 4 5.5 5 7 Fremont 1-5 1.5 7 1 2.5 7 Varsity Girls 1 Saratoga 6-0 7 1 7 14 1 2 Cupertino 5-1 6 2 6 12 2 3 Wilcox 4-2 5 4 4 9 3 4 Santa Clara 3-3 4 5 3 7 4 4 Homestead 1-5 2 3 5 7 4 6 Lynbrook 1-5 2 6 2 4 6 7 Fremont 1-5 2 7 1 3 7 F/S Boys 1 Lynbrook 6-0 7 1 7 14 1 2 Wilcox 5-1 6 3 5 11 2 3 Homestead 3-3 4 2 6 10 3 4 Saratoga 4-2 5 5 3 8 4 5 Santa Clara 2-4 3 4 4 7 5 6 Fremont 1-5 2 6 2 4 6 7 Cupertino 0-6 1 7 1 2 7 JV Girls 1 Saratoga 5-1 6 1 7 13 1 2 Wilcox 5-1 6 2 6 12 2 3 Lynbrook 5-1 6 3 5 11 3 4 Homestead 3-3 4 5 3 7 4 5 Santa Clara 2-4 3 4 3 7 4 6 Fremont 1-5 2 6 1.5 3.5 6 6 Cupertino 0-6 1 6 1.5 2.5 7