Matching uniform clarification - 2008


The coaches up here in CCS Track and Field Country would like some clarification on a uniform issue, First of all let me be clear in saying that I am not in anyway filing any sort of protest or disapproval of a result from last night. I fully support the athletes mentioned here and their result.

In the Girls 400 meter final last night at the CIF State Championships, two girls from Long Beach Poly finished first and second. The two girls wore completely different uniforms in the same race and event. One was entirely of a white background the other of a yellow background. Many of us would have thought this to be a rules violation, therefore we would like clarification. If this is permitted this would be of great help to many of the HS level coaches as it is rare to be able to purchase complete team uniform sets and they are often replaced in small lots. For example at our school we have at least 4 different varieties. It is clear that relay members must have matching uniforms. However if it is permissible for team members in a meet to wear different versions of an officially issued uniform, even in the same event, that could relieve alot of headaches as to trying to assure matching uniforms amongst a variety of athletes and events. Can you please offer something definitive on this matter that we can distribute to our coaches in the area?. Is it required that only relay members where matching uniform sets? And therefore can other events wear any officially issued school uniform, even if they differ? and even if they are within a single race or event?

Mike Buncic (Wilcox Head Track Coach)


You are correct, there is no rule that requires uniform conformity in individual events. NFHS Rule Book 4-3-1 "The competitor's uniform shall be issued by the school..." Only under "Additional restrictions for relay races" does the language "each team member shall wear the same color and design" appear.

Poly has several sets of school issued uniforms that include combinations of their school colors (green and gold) and white.

Obviously this mixing of uniforms would not be allowed on a relay or cross country team.

Hope this helps.



You got the above question from Mike Buncic (Wilcox) but I had a follow up to your responce in terms of XC. You said that relays and XC teams must have identical uniforms... well in terms of XC, if they qualify as Individuals then do they need to have identical uniforms? I look at this in the same way as someone that qualifies for the open 400 as an individual and not as part of a relay, which would imply that I could have two runners at the State XC meet in totally different uniforms as long as they qualified for the meet as an individual - do you (the rules) agree?

hank lawson

Lynbrook HS


Agree that if they qualify as individuals the same standard as track individual events would apply. You are way ahead of me as usual. Don't often think of Cross Country individuals, only teams.