St Francis Invite INFO - 3/29/08

Coaches— Attached are two files. The first contains the entries to the meet. A couple of notes: We tried to include everyone, but some of the races are oversubscribed. In the past we have been able to accommodate many of the alternates – especially later in the day and in the field events. If you entered an athlete without a mark, we handled this in two ways: For the running events we accommodated the entries if there was room. If there were alternates, then the athlete without a mark was the first to be added to the alternates. For the field events, the athletes were alternates. If you can supply marks prior to the meet, we will update the database and try to accommodate the athletes the day of the meet. We have made some changes to the schedule. Please look at the schedule before the meet. As always, if we can run a bit ahead of schedule, we will do so. If you have any concerns about the entries, please send me email at this address. Please do so before 6:00pm on Thursday as Friday and Saturday will be difficult days to make any changes. There will be a new location for the Clerk of the Course. The Clerk will be located near the start of the 200. All access to the Track will be through the gate at the 200m mark! Warmups will take place on the field behind the NORTH bleachers, not the baseball field as in the past. Heat sheets will be posted at the Clerk area, and all staging to the Track events will be at the Clerk area 15 minutes prior to the first heat of each event. Please pay attention to the PA system for check-in, etc. Check-in for Field events will be at the field event location 30 minutes before the start of the event. Please do not enter the field before that time. At the Pole Vault area each team may have 1 coach in the bleachers. All specators need to be in the stands outside of the infield. The second file contains the fees for each team. Please make checks payable to St. Francis High School and hand them in the day of the meet at the Check-in table. Note that there is a $400.00 cap per team, so if your fees are more than that, please make the check for the cap amount. Also, we have a concession stand with food and beverages, a ful barbecue with Tri-tip, hamburgers and hot dogs, and meet tee-shirts for sale (1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event are awarded a tee-shirt). Last year we sold out of tee-shirts by 9:30am, so get you’re quickly. Keep an eye on the meet website ( for updated information, and after the meet, results and pictures. Thank-you for choosing our meet (again) this year. We have some great match-ups again this year. In particular, we may have all 12 VARSITY MEN 800 runners under 2:00.