Eastside Sports - 12/13/08

Coach Lawson, As you may know, the East Side Union High School District has passed its first interim report regarding the budget for school year 2009-10. The superintendent has made over $11 million in cuts in order to balance the books. Most notable in these cuts is the elimination of all sports in the district. This action will save the district $2.12 million. Because of all the viewers of the Lynbrooksports site, I would like to pass this message of all fans of XC and track in the CCS: We the students of the East Side Union High School District need your help in these dire times. Please email our superintendent Bob Nunez at nunezb@esuhsd.org. We need all of your stories of how sports have impacted the lives of our student-athletes, coaches, and children and how the valuable lessons learned from involvement in athletics is irreplaceable. Just for reference, the high schools in the East Side district are Andrew Hill, Evergreen Valley, Independence, James Lick, Mt. Pleasant, Oak Grove, Piedmont Hills, Santa Teresa, Silver Creek, Overfelt, and Yerba Buena. All schools are members of the Blossom Valley Athletic League. Thank you, Kevin Liao Student-Athlete Evergreen Valley High School