EC League Trials & Finals - May 4th & May 6th, 2009 (Mon/Wed)

at Santa Clara HS


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Finals Results

Remember that the lane assignments are not always exactly what they would normally be because of the requirement of trying to split entrants from the same team. I checked the entries and hopefully all the corrections have been made. Please make sure your athletes check in on time tomorrow. Remember if only 8 or less athletes check in for the heats of a race, the race will be seeded by entry times and go straight to finals. (Example: only 8 F/S boys check in for the 200m, then the race goes straight to finals and is seeded based on their entry times.) The following races will not have trials: F/S boys 65H, 300H JVG 100H, 300H They go straight to finals. For the F/S and JVG field events, if all competitors check in, the following events should have 2 flights: (no. of competitors in event) JVG Discus 2 flights (15) JVG SP 2 flights (15) JVG LJ 2 flights (14) FS Discus 2 flights (18) FS SP 2 flights (18) FS LJ 2 flights (16) FS TJ 2 flights (14) If 12 or less athletes check in, only 1 flight is necessary. All discus throws should be measured. The JVG TJ will have 1 flight of 11. There will be no charged for the trials day, but please remind your athletes that spectator will be charged on Wed. Please keep the infield clear of spectators, only athletes warming up for their event should be there. The jewelry rule will be enforced. Also, no electronics of any kind at the field events, track or infield. Please have kids turn off their phones, no ipods or music players and no cameras. If using a canopy, please put it at the top of the bleachers, so that the view of the spectators is not blocked. Coaches meeting at 1:30pm. Any scratches should be turned in at that time. At this time, no one has applied for hardship for an athlete. Coaches: The El Camino League Meet is Mon., May 4 and Wed., May 6 at Santa Clara High School.   Attached is the time schedule and league meet duties for each school. The entries for the league meet are due on Fri., May 1 at 10:00pm through   Please use the finals date of May 6 to make the entries.  Attached is a document on using  Please only enter 3 athletes per event.  Any at-large athletes should be sent to me on Friday.  I will instruct Mark McConnel to enter those athletes that meet the standards. Please follow the by-law rules for any hardship athletes: Hardship Rule   1.1            The hardship rule applies in determining whether an athlete may participate in the Qualification Meet without participating in the  Division finals.   1.2            Hardship only applies to an illness/accident that is non-sports related. 1.3            The athlete must be under a medical doctor’s care.   1.4            Request for hardship must be presented to the SCVAL Commissioner and the director of the Division finals meet in writing by the coach of the participant before the start of the athlete’s first race.   1.5            The coach of the hardship athlete must verify that the athlete has posted a mark during the current season that is better than the CCS at-large entry standard.   1.8            A hardship athlete is considered one of the school’s three (3) entries. It is my understanding that the by-laws will be approved before the league meet so that Rule 1.5 should be followed. There will be an exhibition pole vault so enter your athletes through, it is non-scoring.  It does not count as one of the athlete's event. There will be a snack bar.  Please remind your parents that admission will be charged on Wed. for the finals. Any questions, email me. Julie L'Heureux Co-Meet Director SC Head Track Coach Trials Schedule Monday 1:30pm Coaches scratch meeting 3:00pm Trials begin 110 HH VB 65 HH FSB 100 HH VG, JVG 400M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 3200M JVG (Final) 300 IH VG, JVG, VB, FSB 3200M FSB (Final) 200M VG, VB, JVG, FSB Field Events (all are finals) (4 attempts only, except HJ) 2:00pm JVG HJ, JVG DT, JVG LJ, FSB TJ, FSB SP 3:15pm FSB HJ, FSB DT, FSB LJ, JVG TJ, JVG SP Finals Schedule Wednesday 1:30pm Coaches scratch meeting 3:00pm 4x100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 3:20pm 1600M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 4:00pm 110 HH VB 4:05pm 65 HH FSB 4:10pm 100 HH VG, JVG 4:20pm 400M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 4:40pm 100M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 5:00pm 800M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 5:30pm 300 IH VG, JVG, VB, FSB 5:50pm 200M VG, VB, JVG, FSB 6:10pm 3200M VG, VB 6:40pm 4x400M JVG, FSB, VG, VB Field Events (LJ, TJ, SP, DT, 3 attempts, then top eight 3 more attempts) 2:30pm VB HJ, VB LJ, VB SP, VG DT, VG TJ 4:30pm VG HJ, VG LJ, VG SP, VB DT, VB TJ 4:00pm Pole Vault Combined (exhibition event) Meet Director: Kenrick Sealy (Homestead) and Julie L’Heureux (Santa Clara) Location: Santa Clara High School Time Schedule: See separate document Duties Starter: Geoff Blood Timing: Mark McConnell (confirmed) Scoring: Santa Clara / McConnell Head Field Judge: Santa Clara Clerk of the Course: Rick Milam (Kenrick please confirm) Weigh in: Santa Clara Events: All schools please bring your own equipment for measuring and running your event. Please bring orange cones to place on the turns. Blocks – Homestead – Supply 1 person to move blocks during meet Hurdles – Santa Clara (will set up prior to meet)/ Fremont ( hurdle crew during meet) Shot – Homestead Discus – Lynbrook TJ - Cupertino LJ - Fremont HJ – Saratoga PV – Santa Clara (exhibition event) Chief Finish Line Judge: Homestead and Santa Clara Finish Line/Turn Judges: Each school will supply 1 person for turn judging. There will be a snack bar. League Entries are due Fri., May 1 by 10:00pm. Remember only 3 entries per a school per event. At large entries should be submitted separately to Julie L’Heureux by May 1. Proposed Rules for the League Meet Trials Day (May 4) Seeding for the trials will be based on entered time and keeping all of a school entrants from being in the same heat. Trials will be held in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 100H/110H/65H and 300H if more than 8 competitors check in. Only the heat winners will be automatic qualifiers. The rest of the finalist will be determined by time. Therefore, if there are 2 heats: the winner of each heat and the next 6 fastest times will qualify for finals. If there are 3 heats: the winner of each heat and the next 5 fastest times will qualify for finals. Seeding for the finals will be based on time only. Finals for the F/S boys 3200m and JV girls 3200m will be held on Monday. All F/S boys and JV girls field events will compete on Monday. They are allowed only 4 attempts. If the field for an event is too large, the field will be split into 2 flights with the top competitors competing in the second flight. In the Discus, should every throw be measured or can stakes be used to measure only the best throw? If second method is used, only 12 athletes will compete at a time. Starting height for the high jump will be set 2 inches below lowest entered height of athletes who check in. The bar will move up in 2 inch increments. Finals Day (May 6) If there are more than 16 entrants in the 800 and 1600, we will split the field evenly with the slow group running first and the fast group running second. The combined times from both heats will be used to determine the overall placings. If there are an odd number of runners in the 800 or 1600 when two heats are being run, the additional runner will be placed in the fast heat. Running Events 800m – 1 turn stagger 1600m – waterfall start with alleys if field size is too large 3200m – waterfall start with alleys if field size is too large 1600m Relay – 3 turn stagger Field Events The Varsity boys and Varsity girls field events will compete on Wed. They will be allowed 3 attempts (LJ, TJ, SP and Discus) with the top 8 receiving an additional 3 attempts. The top 8 will compete in reverse order of their place. Therefore, the competitor with the highest mark will compete last. If the field is too big, flights will be used with the top competitors in the second flight. In the Discus, should every throw be measured or can stakes be used to measure only the best throw? If second method is used, only 12 athletes will compete at a time. Starting height for the high jump will be set 2 inches below lowest entered height of athletes who check in. The bar will move up in 2 inch increments. Rules for both days The high jump bar should not be moved up more than one increment above the height that an athlete has cleared while he/she is away competing in another event. All field event athletes may check out no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of a track event in which they are entered and must report back within 10 minutes of the end of the track event. They must notify the event official when they check out and when they report back. The event official should allow them multiple attempts prior to the athlete checking out of the event if the athlete desires to make multiple attempts. If an athlete is participating in two field events at the same time, he/she should go back and forth between the two events as quickly as possible. All discus and shots will be weighed before competition. Any clerical or scoring issues should be reported within 48 hours of the end of the meet. Therefore, Friday, May 8 at midnight will be the deadline for reporting errors to the meet director. Please email corrections to All athletes are limited to four events. Entries are determined as of 10:00pm on 5/1/09 (with the exception that some additional entries may be allowed on 5/2 if a school is allowed more than three entries in an event). No competitor may be added to an event after 10:00pm on 5/1/09 without the agreement of a majority of the schools competing in the meet, except for at-large qualifiers. The additions should be made only under unusual circumstances. Appeals regarding misapplication of the rules shall be filed within 30 minutes after the results have been announced or made official in that event. The head coach will first protest to the starter, Geoff Blood, who is a certified USATF official. The decision of Geoff is appealable if the coach still feels that the terms and conditions of competition or the application of the rules have been misapplied or misinterpreted. A written appeal shall be made to the League Commissioner.