Mt Pleasant Relays - 03/07/09

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Teams confirmed as of Jan 30th Arroyo Grande Bell/Pres Bishop Odowd Mt.Pleasant Lynbrook Hollister Logan Carlmont DeLaSalle/ ??? Serra/Mercy Burlingame St.Francis St.Ignatius Deer Valley Castro Valley Mitty

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Mt. Pleasant Relays Sat March 7th Mt.pleasant H.S. BIG RELAY MEET FOR BIG TEAMS! All teams confirm with Steve Nelson If you will be returning Field will be 16 teams! No more! make your reservation now!! We are pleased to invite your boys and girl’s track and field teams to the twentieth annual Mount Pleasant Relays. As you know, this is a participation meet. You have to have numbers to compete. With this in mind we have invited schools with strong programs and large turnouts. All teams entered are among the best in California. There will be 16 full teams participating in the meet, 6. Every event including field events will be a relay. The following will give you the specifics of the meet. Our facility has 2 Vault areas, 2 shot rings, and 2 discus areas, 2 high jump areas. Place: Mt.Pleasant H.S. Date: Saturday March 7,2008 Time: 8:00-3:00 (Cost: $400 Per School $200boys/$200 Girls Make check payable to Mt.Pleasant High School. Format 1. Every event is a relay requiring 4 participants of the same sex (including Jumps and throws.) 2. Scoring will be 10-8-6-4-2-1. 3. There will be a team trophy for 1st place boys, 1st place girls and 1st place combined. Watches will be given to all members of winning relay teams We have no set time schedule. The first running event will begin promptly at #11:00 with the girls running first then boys. We will follow the order of events to conclusion. 1 heat of all events (except Shuttle hurtles/4x400 and shorter events) Meet should be over around 3:00 P.M.: 1. 4x100m/110 mHH 2. 4x 1600 Relay 1 heat boys/girls 3. 4x100 meter Relay 4. 4x800 meter relay 1 heat boys /girls 5. 4x300mIH Shuttle relay 6. 4x200 meter Relay 7. 4x3200 meter Relay competitors will run together in both races like X- C Combined times determine place. 8. Weightmens/women’s 400 Relay (must have thrown the shot or disc in the meet to be eligible) **(if shot/Disc not complete this will move to after 4x400) 9. 4x400 meter Relay ***Any incomplete teams must inform clerk of course at coaches meeting 10:00 or at start line to reseed heats. Field Events: 1.Throwing Events will begin at 10:00; competitors will throw in flights by school. Girls will throw the Shot, Boys the Disc. Everyone will have 4 throws. 3. In the LJ/TJ There will be 2 pits the long jump will begin at 8:00(and the Triple jump will follow (approx 11:30?). The Boys will jump in front of the visiting grandstands. The girls in in the pit near the home grandstands. Athletes will jump in flights by school and each jumper will have 4 jumps. If jumper scratches or you only have 3 jumpers, those marks that are legal will be added for the team score. 4. The HJ, will begin at 9:00(2 pits) with the bar at 4’0 for the girls 5’ for the boys .The bar will go up 4” at a time till 5’0(girls) 6’0”(boys) where it will then be raised 2” at a time. 5.The Pole Vault will start at 9:00. The bar will be set at 6’ (girls) 8’ (boys), The bar will be raised at 1-foot intervals till 9’(girls), 12’(boys) where it will then be raised in 6” intervals. ***The vault official may change this height rule. *. (Track events will not be underway and you may run through on the track.) 6. Remember in all field events each team should have four entrants. The best mark of each entrant will be used to compute the total team mark. Should 1 of your athletes foul or you don’t have four athletes the remaining athletes’ scores will comprise the teams score. 7. Clerk of the course; All teams will be entered and should report to the start line when called it is assumed all teams are entered in all relays. Clerk will reseed heats at the li ne if needed. 8. Coaches meeting (New) We will need 1 rep from each team in the center of the field at 10:00 to discuss meet format and possible scratches to to early reseed of relays/Shuttle hurdles Miscellaneous Information; track requires 3/16 inch spikes anything bigger and you will trip. There will be no locker rooms available, but bathrooms will be open. There will be a ($5.00) charge for all spectators over the age of 10. Parking will be in the student@ faculty parking lots, and on the street. Buses may park at Boeger Jr High across from the track. There will be a concession stand open, and there will be meet t-shirts available for $15. You may bring your Entry fee (Made out to Mt. Pleasant H.S. with you to the meet or mail it to me at school. This meet will be run rain or shine and there will be no refunds of entry fees. The address is Mount Pleasant High School 1750 S. White Road San Jose, Calif 95127 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to E-Mail Steve Nelson &nbs p; E-mail ***Some Field Event start times have changed Check new times I look forward to seeing you Steve Nelson Meet Director Time schedule All Running events 11:00 events follow order no set time. Girls then boys! 1. 4x100m/110 mHH 2. 4x 1600 Relay 3. 4x100 meter Relay 4. 4x800 meter relay 5. 4x300mIH Shuttle relay 6. 4x200 meter Relay 7. 4x3200 meter Relay competitors will run together in both races like X- C 8. Weightmens/women’s 400 Relay (must have thrown the shot or disc in the meet to be eligible) **(if shot/Disc not complete this will move to after 4x400) 9. 4x400 meter Relay Field events L.J. Boys and Girls 8:00(new Time) follow approx 11:30?? P.V./H.J 9:00 boys pit and girls pit Shot/Disc 10:00. **2 shot/disc circles If you send me your e-mail address I will E-mail you heat sheets/Field event team order ahead of time for planning `MT. PLEASANT RELAYS RECORDS BOYS 4x100m 41.5 MT.PLEASANT 1992 4x200m 1:27.6 MT.PLEASANT 1992 4x400m 3:16.24 J.W. NORTH (RIVERSIDE) 2007 4x800m 8:05.80 J.W.NORTH(RIVERSIDE) 2007 4x1600m 18:10.00 MADERA 2004 4x3200m 39:25.0 BUCHANAN 2008 4x110mHH 1:03.27 LOGAN 2004 4x300mIH 2:43.3 LOGAN 1990 4x SHOT PUT 226’5 1/2” ARROYO GRANDE 2004 4xDISCUS 636’11 1/4 ARROYO GRANDE 2003 4xLONG JUMP 85’ 3 3/4” LOGAN & nbsp; 1997 4xTRIPLE JUMP 181’3 1/2” LOGAN 2008 4xHIGH JUMP 25’2” ARROYO GRANDE 1996 4xPOLE VAULT 55’2” ST.FRANCIS 2005 4x100m WT. MAN 45.9 LOGAN 2001 GIRLS 4x100m 46.47 WILSON(L.B.) 2004 4x200m 1:38.15 LOGAN 2004 4x400m 3:45.20 WILSON (L.B.) 2004 4x800m 9:34.8 WILSON(L.B.) 2004 4x1600m 21:43.19 LOS GATOS &n bsp; 2007 4x3200m 47:29.6 MONTE VISTA 2006 4x100mHH 1.05.19 LOGAN 2007 4x300mLH 2:58.4 LOGAN 2002 4xSHOT PUT 165’ 5” ARROYO GRANDE 2003 4xDISCUS 515’11” ARROYO GRANDE 2004 4xLONG JUMP 72’4 1/2” LOGAN 2008 4xTRIPLE JUMP 148’4 1/2” LOGAN 2008 4xHIGH JUMP 20’8 ST.IGNATIUS 2001 4xPOLE VAULT 39’ ARROYO GRANDE 2002 4x100m WT. W OMANS 56.90 BUCHANAN 2008 PREVIOUS CHAMPIONS YEAR BOYS GIRLS OVERALL 1990 BELLARMINE ST.FRANCIS LOGAN 1991 ST.IGNATIUS LOGAN LOGAN 1992 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 1993 ST.IGNATIUS ST.IGNATIUS ST.IGNATIUS 1994 BELLARMINE ST.IGNATIUS ST.IGNATIUS 1995 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 1996 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 1997 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 1998 ST.IGNATIUS LOGAN ARROYO GRANDE 1999 ARROYO GRANDE ST.IGNATIUS ST.IGNATIUS 2000 ARROYO GRANDE CARONDOLET ARROYO GRANDE 2001 ARROYO GRANDE LOGAN LOGAN 2002 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 2003 LOGAN ARROYO GRANDE LOGAN 2004 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 2005 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 2006 LOGAN LOGAN LOGAN 2007 LOGAN LOGAN &nbs p; LOGAN 2008 LOGAN/BISHOP O’DOWD LOGAN LOGAN