Finish Lynx Clinic - 02/17/13

Hey, Here's the final update (unless I get something else before Sunday) for the Lynx Clinic. It's held at St Francis HS, in the 600 bldg (Higgins Hall) in room 621. If you look at the campus map link below: it's building #11 that is next to the parking lot for the track and baseball field. Even though the address is 1885 Miramonte Ave, Mtn View you want to enter into the back of the school off of South Dr, via Grant, to the parking lot right next to the track/baseball field for the 600 bldg (Higgins Hall) faces that parking lot. See the street map below: My cell is 408 460-6785 in case you get lost. The morning (starting at 9:30) we'll cover the Lynx system. Break for lunch at noon (there are some places to eat and a Safeway Deli close by) and then start up at 1:00 with HyTek, Scoreboads, Creating EVT & PPL files and whatever else you want to cover. We should be done by 4:00. Stay the whole day or stay just through lunch, it's up to you. We expect around 13-15 folks to be there. Please print the Course Slides and bring with you. If this is the first email you got, you might want to review the first email I sent that can be found at the link below. Email #1 Some expectations by your course instructors: - You have the latest version of Lynx (8.2) loaded on to your computer (at least 8.0 version since that is what our slides will be referencing). You can download the latest Lynx version at: - You have your computer talking to your Lynx camera. You can tell if they are talking if you click on the red stop sign (next to the blue "I") in the upper left hand corner. If you start to see a picture on your computer then they two are talking to each other. If you are unable to get these two systems to talk with each other, drop me an email or call me at (408) 460-6785 and I will try to help you trouble shoot the problem. Best to do this prior to the clinic so we are not slowing everything down - we have alot to cover that day. hank