CCS Pre-season Minutes - 01/10/18

Dear Members of the CCS Track & Field Committee, It was great to have a chance to meet with you on Wednesday evening. For those of you who were unable to make the meeting, below you will see a short summary of the items that were discussed. Attached you will find the handouts that were distributed. Thank you to the T&F Athletic Director liaison Jim Forkum for serving as chair for the meeting. Summary: Review of dates of CCS and CIF Meets. Notice of Evaluation meeting (June 4 @ 4 pm) unless there is a recommendation for a major revamp of CCS Track & Field, it will be a conference call meeting. Reviewed the league alignment for track to include the enrollment numbers that dictate automatic entries into the CCS Meet. Reviewed and corrected a section of the CCS T&F bylaws. Reviewed and correct the at-large marks for at-large entry into the CCS meet. Reviewed Meet responsibilities and the need for on-time and adequate presence at each assignment. This included a discussion regarding liability at all meets. Reviewed the meet schedule from last year. No issues were noted. CCS Staff will be providing a firm schedule for 2018 with any changes (i.e. gender switch in field events) as soon as possible. Reviewed the invitation schedule for this year. During the review it was noted by CCS Staff that there is a need to make every effort to have implement certification and wind gauges at all invitational meets since the results of those meets are used to enter athletes into many other invitational meets. It was also noted that we have received communication from the organizers of several prestigious invitationals that marks from CCS invitationals will not be accepted unless they can be sure implement certification and wind gauges are used at our events. To that end, CCS Meet Director Filios reminded the league reps that minimally, implement certification MUST take place at all league championship meets because they serve as qualifiers for the CCS meet. Scott Chisam reviewed the NFHS rule changes for 2018, which are few. He also provided a 2017 law in sport review as a reference and reminder of our responsibilities and the liability we take on as meet organizers. CCS Staff asked the reps to review the CIF coach requirement bylaw with their league members. All athletes must be accompanied by the school certified coach at all competitions. CCS Staff provided a list of important dates for 2018-19 due to the earlier CIF State meet in 2019. CCS Hand Outs Steve Steve Filios CCS Assistant Commissioner 408 224-2994 408 224-0476 (FAX) > CCS Office Address: > 333 Piercy Road > San Jose, CA 95138