2020 SCVAL Coaches List - Updated 3/04/20

2020 SCVAL Coaches List School Coach Home Phone Work Phone Cell E-Mail Address CUPERTINO Paul Armstrong 408-691-3022 coacha@prodigy.net FREMONT Mark Shields 408-243-8861 408-691-3898 sylvmarks@yahoo.com FREMONT Adam Miranda 408-393-2424 adammiranda@rocketmail.com FREMONT Lewis Louie 408-859-2002 lewislouie721@gmail.com GUNN Mike Granville 650-906-3036 granvillefit@gmail.com GUNN Hal Daner 650-964-9996 haltrack@hotmail.com HOMESTEAD Kenrick Sealy 408-410-7654 kenricksealy80@hotmail.com HOMESTEAD Ri-Chee Chou 408-393-3015 homestead.xc.tf@gmail.com LOS ALTOS Gerri Baldwin 408-828-0756 408-828-0756 gerrib@sbcglobal.net LOS ALTOS David Barth 650-823-5167 dbarth86@gmail.com LOS ALTOS Stephanie MacKenzie stephmack75@gmail.com LOS GATOS Justin Stenger 408-205-2653 jstenger@lgsuhsd.org LOS GATOS Paul Lawryk 408-568-9434 plawryk@gmail.com LOS GATOS Willie Harmatz willieharmatz@aol.com LOS GATOS Luke Stewart 408-250-6917 l.stewie42@gmail.com LYNBROOK Bernie Ramos 408-836-7669 bernie_ramos27@yahoo.com LYNBROOK Jake White 408-353-4329 408-355-8979 jakeantoin@yahoo.com MILPITAS Michael Wu 408-373-2866 mwu@musd.org MILPITAS Chris Lundy lundyv2@aol.com MONTA VISTA Kirk Flatow 408-893-7021 kirk.flatow@gmail.com MONTA VISTA John McKeeman 650-575-3227 jamckeeman@gmail.com MONTA VISTA Curtis Liang 650-283-2343 curtisliang@gmail.com MTN VIEW Kirk Jennings 818-201-5709 kirk.jennings@mvla.net MTN VIEW Craig Blockhus 650-669-9436 swenrunner@comcast.net PALO ALTO Michael Davidson 650-207-5580 mdavidson@pausd.org SANTA CLARA Julie L'heureux 408-247-9779 408-247-9779 jolheureux@aol.com SARATOGA Archie Ljepava 408-656-5158 archie295124@yahoo.com SARATOGA Kathy Tippetts 408-802-4477 kathytippetts@yahoo.com WILCOX Lison Douglas 772-812-9306 douglas.lisan@gmail.com WILCOX Jim Wilks 408-423-3763 408-540-4105 jwilks@scusd.net WILCOX Walt Van Zant 408-246-2651 408-206-7903 waltvz@aol.com AD Track Rep Curt Johansen (Gunn) cjohansen@pausd.org SCVAL Comm Brad Metheany 408-522-2204 brad_metheany@fuhsd.org Starter/SchedulerMark Greenough 415-518-7468 mgreenough@greenoughgroup.com LynbrookSports.coHank Lawson 408-460-6785 hanklawtrack@gmail.com E-mail all SCVAL Coaches & AD Rep (if it doesn't work then RIGHT CLICK on the link and select COPY EMAIL ADDRESS then create a new email and PASTE into your TO box)