BVAL CCS Qualifier Info - 2021

Coaches, With the announcement of CCS at for Track & Field happening at Soquel High School on Sat. 6/12 (trials) and Sat. 6/19 (finals). Thus said, we need to have a traditional league finals (now called BVAL CCS Qualifying Meet) in order to be eligible for CCS entry. Included in this email are the BVAL CCS Qualifying Bulletin and CCS Duties sheet (same as 2020, just folded over to '21) We aim to find a host school for one or both of these meets on Sat. 5/29 and Sat. 6/5. The times are mostly firm with other CCS events happening these dates. We also need to try and find a starter that can replace or add to one of your school's duties to keep costs down as we will be limiting spectators to the two-per student-athlete as we are now and not charging for the events. With this change in format, each division chair will spearhead efforts based upon dual meets only (no other marks accepted for CCS Qualifying entry, ie. no run-offs or mini-meets as we had planned for earlier) to solidify the entries per division. Remember, the West Valley Div gets 4 entries, ST Div gets 5, MHAL gets 7. These meetings should still take place on Thursday 5/27 ahead of the first meet on Saturday 5/29. The more streamlined it can be the better. I will work with our head timer to see what would be the best for entries. Please use your own DIVISION'S top marks either from my spreadsheet I shared with you or Take into consideration wind-legal marks, wind-aided marks, FAT timing, etc. The more legitimate marks, the better for submission. More info to follow on this aspect. Please reply all with any thoughts, questions, concerns, we have little flexibility as time is pressing, but if we do not have these meets, there will be no CCS for any BVAL track athlete unfortunately. We also need a school to host both or two schools to host one of these meets on each of these two days. Whatever is easiest for all of us. Thanks everyone! Scott