SCVAL CCS Qualifier Info - 2021

Mercury News story - SCVAL can compete at CCS May 28th Coaches; Here is an link for tomorrow’s results: We have 1 hardship case in the VG 1600m - Elizabeth Fetter (PA). She will have a run off next week against the 6th place finisher in the 1600m per CCS hardship rule. Once the 6th place competitor is determined, I will arrange the details for the run off. Attached is the job assignments for tomorrow. It has the location for the turn judges and which school will be at each location. It also tells you what to look for in each race. Head Coaches please forward this email with attachment to your turn judges and field officials. Scratch meeting is at 3:45pm. We should have copies of the program for you. Thanks to Los Gatos. For any scratches in the running events: a scratch from the fast heat will mean the fastest competitor from the slow heat will move up into the vacant lane and the alternate will be placed in the slow heat. A scratch from the slow will have the alternate placed in the slow heat. Field Officials: Please arrive 1 hour before your event. You will need to check in and get your field sheets from me. You should be ready to check-in athletes 45 minutes before the start of your event. First jump or throw should take place by 11am for the first group of field events. Second set of field events is slated to start at 12:45pm with warm ups at 12noon. You may start early if everyone has checked in, otherwise wait for the official start time. If someone scratches, you may allow an alternate from the approved list to fill the vacancy. Throws official: please make sure that all implements have been weighted and approved. Check with the weigh-in officials for the official marking on the implement that verifies that it has been approved. Long and Triple Jump officials: We will be taking wind gauge readings during the competition. You will be supplied with a second flight sheet for this purpose. Los Altos is bringing to wind gauges and can help show you how to do it. High jump official: Start height will be the entry height of the last qualifier that checks in. Pole Vault official: Start height will be determined by the official. Field Officials - Rules from the By-laws: We will hold two flights for the long jump, triple jump, discus, and shot put with the athletes with the top 8 marks competing in the second flight and all remaining athletes competing in the first flight. All athletes will initially receive three attempts in their event. After all athletes have had three attempts in their event, the top 8 will receive three additional attempts. They will compete in reverse order of their place after the initial three attempts. After the first 2 attempts, please have someone review your work to make sure that the best marks were used and the top 8 athletes get 3 more attempts. High Jump Official: Qualifiers will compete in 1 flight, approved alternates may be seeded if the number of athletes falls below 15 competitors. If there is a tie for 6th place, a jump off will take place in accordance with NFHS Rule 2-2-2-b-4. Field officials: When athletes check in, please determine if they are in another field event at the same time. Currently I believe there are 5 VB that will be competing in both the HJ and LT: Raymond Feng (H) Eric Chan (H) Tetsuo Eng (Lyn) Zach Fagin (LA) John Zhai (LA) Here are the 3 VG that may have the same problem in the HJ and TJ: Maura Kelleher (LA) Anastasia Trushchankova (Lyn) Callie De Schryver (LG) Field officials should work with the athletes so they may compete in both events. NFHS rule 3-10 allows for multiple attempts or to compete out of order. For the finals, the top competitor should get the final jump. Please record the time when a competitor checks out and tell them how long they may be gone, usually 10 minutes. For HJ or PV athletes, the bar can be raised if all competitors have completed that height while athletes are at different events. Also, ask them their starting height so they don’t have to be there to pass each height. See at end of email for cases on competitors with 2 field events at the same time. Running event rules: Athletes should check in at least 30 minutes before their scheduled race. Same for alternates. Some races may require hip numbers. No electronic devices are allowed on the infield unless for communications between officials. Athletes should warm up in the warm up area and not the infield when possible. For the 800m, there will be 2 heats, a 1 turn stagger start in lanes will be used. Competitors will be lined up from slowest on the inside to fastest on the outside. For the 1600m and 3200m, there will be 1 heat with a waterfall start. Competitors will be lined up from slowest on the inside to fastest on the outside. Everyone will wear a mask at all times except when competing. Athletes and workers should leave once their competition or job is done. No spectators allowed. No concession stand so bring your own water and food. Hopefully I have covered everything. See you tomorrow. Good Luck! Julie L’Heureux 408-839-3422 (cell) May 28th Starters - Tyrone Taylor Steve Villegas Timer - Mark McConnell Cupertino – Paul Armstrong – Head Coach Shani Armstrong Aiden Gamba Dave Gamba Sandy Kitagawa Julie Lin Vivek Sinha Kai Winebarger Morgan Winebarger Fremont - Mark Shields – Head Coach Rand Crippen – HJ Official Alejandra Flores - coach Chuck Herrera - coach Lewis Louie - coach Adam Miranda – coach Jeff Rohrer – coach Samantha Louie - worker Daniel Overcamp - worker Samuel Tiscareno – worker Gunn – Jonathan Hubbs – Head Coach Justin Chiao Hal Daner Jordan Fong Jami Haskins Suzi Walker Alexander Wang Paige Yun Avery Yun Homestead – Kenrick Sealy – Head Coach Amy Arnes – coach Ri-Chee Chou – coach Andrew Ng – coach Andy Arnes – worker Ellora Goel - worker Bobby Gorelick – worker Jorge Iglesias - worker Kaleb Kim – worker Thomas Le – worker Ray O’Brien – worker Shreya Parthia - worker Los Altos - Gerri Baldwin – Head Coach Dave Barth – coach Miche Hoffer – coach Bregje Lawlor - coach Stephanie MacKenzie – coach Drew Russert – coach Andrew Zaeske – coach Los Gatos - Brandon Vance – Head Coach Mackenzie Demay – coach Kent Kappen – coach Paul Lawryk – coach Bob Slover – coach Luke Stewart – coach Ed Burke - worker Shirley Burke - worker Carmel Herron – worker Nigel Herron – worker Anne Martyn – worker Craig Martyn – worker Ed Tau – worker Monica Tau – worker Masaki Wade Law – worker Deborah Weinstein - worker Carol Zolla – worker Howie Zolla – worker Lynbrook - Bernie Ramos – Head Coach Jamie Baer – coach Peter Fan - coach Ronald Huynh – coach Luca Signore – coach Jake White - coach Mike Youmans – coach Hairong Kuang – worker Heather Li - worker Sherri Wu – worker Milpitas - Moises Fagundes – Head Coach Yohaness Estifanos - coach Chris Lundy – coach Viviana Vasquez – coach Navya Virk – coach Monta Vista - Kirk Flatow – Head Coach Chrissy Dobbins- coach David Hartford – coach Tennyson Heen – coach Curtis Liang – coach Victor Yan – coach Hurdle Crew Sean Chen Andrew Cole Preetal Deshpande Upasana Dilip Ellie Hsu Insiah Kizilbash Alex Nguyen Megan Nieh Nerea Northrop Ari Rajaram Max Ready Pranav Reddy Andrew Richardson Diya Sarin Parky Sood Sydney Stevens Mt. View - Kirk Jennings – Head Coach Susan Arrillaga – coach Craig Blockhus – coach Ken Flax – coach Mark Rutner – coach Sanjay Sarathy – coach Wilson Tsai – coach Palo Alto - Michael Davidson – Head Coach Bradford Exantus – coach Ed Givens – coach Alexandra Florant Carl Florant Daniella Florant Santa Clara - Julie L’Heureux – Head Coach Margaret Demorest – coach Paul Fuller – coach Kristina Hoff – coach Kasey Hohenbrink – coach Chuck Kappen – coach Brunet Lux- coach Vince Rocha - coach Eddie Sumpter – coach Nick Mattis - worker Janet Stevenson – worker Saratoga - Archie Ljepava – Head Coach Dan Casas – coach Rick Ellis – coach Stan Sherman – coach Ian Tippetts – coach Kathy Tippetts – coach Wilcox - Lisan Douglas – Head Coach Kirby James – coach Patrick Kippes – coach Issac Passet – coach Walt Van Zant – coach Philip Volta - coach Danielle Zellinski – coach May 28th Coaches: Attached is the final entries for Saturday. You may make scratches now on Do not add anyone or change marks except for the following: Celine Safa (Gunn) 300h - must use varsity mark of 56.93 Abigail Lo (LG) long jump - must use varsity mark of 14’7” Here is the at-large entries: Lynbrook VB 100m has 5 entries - I will have Mark McConnell add Ming Han (Charlie) Chiang 11th Lynbrook 11.43 to the list Los Altos VB 200m has 4 entries Palo Alto VB 800m has 4 entries Palo Alto VB 1600m has 4 entries Mt. View VG 3200m has 4 entries The following At-large entries have been denied, please remove one of your athletes from Homestead VB 800m 4th athlete denied (Andrew Han) Homestead VB 1600m 4th athlete denied (Eric Pedley) Palo Alto VB 3200m 4th athlete denied (James Miller) Palo Alto VG 100m 4th athlete denied (Isbella Jones) Palo Alto Vg 1660m 4th athlete denied (Gretchen Berndt) If you don’t remove one of your athletes in the above races, I will remove the 4th runners shown above in parenthesis. It you see a mistake or have questions about the At-large athletes, let me know. Scratches must be done by noon when entries close again. Thanks. Julie May 27th Coaches: Entries close tonight at 11:59pm. For the 5 teams that competed today, if you have to over ride the seed time with today’s results, please comment that it is from today’s meet. It will make it easier on me. Once the entries close, the new entries will be reviewed and comments made if necessary. I will also verify the at-large qualifiers. An updated entry list will be sent out. The entries will be reopened by 6am or earlier for scratches only. They will close Friday at noon. There maybe new entries with comments that also need to be addressed. Do not add a new entry or swap someone out, they will be DQ. Mark McConnell will then seed the races and send me the program. The top 15 will be seeded and up to 4 alternates listed. Brandon: will you be able to make copies for the coaches? Also, I believe 4 school still need to send me a coaches/workers list. Tomorrow I will send out the final job list and information on field events and running events. Email me any questions. Julie May 26th Coaches If your athletes throw with rubber discs, please make sure there are no “chunks” or divots on the rim, they will not be allowed to throw them. Shot puts also may not have holes or flat spots that could be considered as an advantage for a better grip. I will be located by the shot put ring for weigh ins. Thank You Gerri Coaches: I have received a coaches’ list from Saratoga and Los Altos for this Saturday’s meet. Every team must turn in a list by Friday morning, otherwise you won’t be allowed into the stadium. Athletes just need to be in uniform to get in. Anyone else must be on the list. No spectators allowed to this meet. Athletes and workers should leave once they are done competing or working. Thanks! Julie May 25th Coaches: Stephanie MacKenzie and I checked all the current entries and commented on entries that might need to be fixed. Since most teams still have 1 meet left, your athletes have a chance to get a better or make a varsity mark in their events. I have sent emails out to the schools that need to adjust or fix their entries. If you disagree with our comments, leave a comment with your reason for disagreeing such as they ran in a combine Varsity and F/S or JV race. Tonight after today's performances are marked official, I will create a file with all current entries so coaches can see where their athletes are currently seeded. Homestead: please start entering athletes today, Los Gatos: please add to your entries. Email me with any questions. May 24th Coaches: Here is the status of the league: Only 1 school has completed all their dual meets: Palo Alto. Tomorrow the 25th, Santa Clara, Wilcox, Lynbrook and Gunn will be completed. On the 26th, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Milpitas and Homestead will finish. There will be the remaining 5 schools finishing on May 27th (Fremont, Mt. View, Saratoga, Monta Vista and Cupertino). At 11:59pm on the 27th, entries will be closed. They will have to be reviewed and sent out by Friday morning so that scratches can be made by noon. At noon, Mark McConnell will seed the races and create the program, which we hope to send out that night. As you can see, there is much work to be done before Saturday. Your job is to make sure that you only enter eligible athletes. Here are the rules you must check when registering your athletes: 1) Only varsity athletes should be entered for all entries. Exceptions to follow below. 2) F/S and JVG can be part of your 4x100 and 4x400. Also, 3200m runners that competed in the lower divisions are eligible to compete since they competed against Varsity athletes in the dual meet 3200m races. If you have an athlete that competed against Varsity athletes in a combine race (other than the 3200m), they are eligible but you must let me know ASAP. 3) Only Varsity marks should be used, except for 3200m or other combine races that have been verified. IF AN ATHLETE has competed both in Varsity or F/S or JV, only their mark from a Varsity race may be used. When registering, their best mark will show up, but it may have come from a F/S or JV race so it can’t be used and you must override the best mark. You must find their best mark from a Varsity race. 4) If an athlete has only competed in the lower division (F/S or JV), they are not eligible to compete unless they are a 3200m runner or on a relay. 5) Hand times are not allowed. We tried to have a vote but only 3 coaches answered. Currently, only 1 athlete (1600m) has a hand time that is slightly faster than his automatic time. He should qualify with his automatic time so we don’t need a vote. I have reviewed 1 teams boys’ entries and found 9 errors in their entries. I do not have the time to find every error so please review your entries. Some of the errors, disqualified an entry, some needed to update their mark to a varsity mark. I started on the girls’ entries, and found similar errors. Please review your entries or in some cases start registering your athletes. If you have questions, email or call me. Leave a message if I don’t pick up. I will probably put out a preliminary list Tuesday night, that probably will have errors. Any errors found after 11:59pm on the 27th, will probably result in you losing that entry with no replacements. I doubt I could hold a vote in time to get a replacement in. Get to work! Julie L’Heureux 408-839-3422 May 16th - part #3 Coaches: Hank has sent you an invitation to join the SCVAL CCS Qualifier on Please accept the invitation so you may register your athletes. After discussing the situation with Hank, we decided the easiest way to do the entries for Mark McConnell and myself, was to do it online at Please read the guidelines below before making entries. Entries will probably be due midweek before the meet. I have to confirm with Mark McConnell. If it is before Thursday, May 27, we will allow entry’s marks only to be updated by midnight by email. If you think your athlete will qualify, enter them in the meet prior to the 27th. I will get you the closing date for entries sometimes this week. Since some marks will need to be updated, please update your marks after each meet. Hank and I believe if you have to override an invitational mark, that the mark will not change unless you override it again after later results. Conversely, if you do an invitational after entering your team, if you are using your best mark, the invitational mark will override if it is better. Please let me know if you are doing an invitational between now and May 27th. I will try to put out a preliminary top 20 list: 15 qualifiers and 5 alternates on Wednesday, May 26th. We do have 5 team competing on May 27th: Monta Vista, Saratoga, Cupertino, Fremont and Mt. View. If I missed a meet on the 27th, let me know ASAP. Hopefully, these 5 schools have all their entries in and only need to update new marks. This year, all the coaches need to be on their A game and get everything in on time and update regularly. It may mean some late nights to get it done. We do not want a large number of scratches at the last minute, make sure your athlete wants to compete and will be available to compete. Here are the guidelines: 1) Do not enter an athlete that does not meet the CCS 50% rule. If they are exempt, enter them and let us know their exemption. You must get an exemption by having your AD request one from the League Commissioner. Usual exemptions are for injuries or grades. I believe the third quarter was over before the start of competition so it would be for injuries. If you had conflict with season 2 sports, you either had 3 or 4 weeks left of your schedule for them to compete, this would affect very few athletes. Here is a ruling on the 50% rule from CCS: Playoff policy – 50 % rule: Each league contest (whether it be a dual meet, double dual, triple dual, tri-meet, etc.) counts as one (1) toward the 50% rule. He also confirmed that the league championship meet counts 1 (trials and finals are not separate meets however) toward the 50% participation. 2) We are allowing you to enter up to 4 athletes per an event but only the top 15 athletes in each event is allowed to compete. If you enter 4 athletes, in order to get all 4 in, they must all be in the top 8 of your league (DAL or ECL) entries and top 15. You may submit extra entries (5th) to the meet director, if they qualify, she will instruct the timer to include them. Please do not submit entries that have no chance of qualifying. Please review entries after each meet and remove anyone that is scratching. This will be a big help to Mark and myself. 3) Only enter an athlete that has a time that would qualify from a Varsity dual meet or where the athlete ran F/S or JVG in a combination race such as 3200m or a combine hurdle race. This is a Varsity race only, if you want a F/S or JV athlete to qualify, get them to run Varsity in one of your remaining dual meets. 4) Athletes must qualify to the meet by a Varsity mark or by the above rule. You may have to override a mark from an invitational when you register them. We will check to make sure that no invitational marks are used. Also, no hand times will be accepted. 5) Remember athletes may only run in 4 events. You may enter an individual in 4 individual events and some relays but they can only report to 4 events. If they report to an event (check in with the clerk of the course or field judge) that counts as an event. 6) Please enter the names of your relay teams and alternates. If you have a question, email me. I would like to have a zoom session tomorrow night for questions, suggestions, clear up any confusions, swap jobs for the qualifier and CCS, etc. If someone can set up a 7:30pm zoom meeting, that would be great. I try to stay off zoom. Please email everyone if you are volunteering to set up the zoom meeting. Then you can send out the information when you set it up. Hopefully I have covered everything for entries. More information to follow later in the week. Julie May 16th - part #2 Coaches: Please read the entire email before responding. Thanks! SCVAL will be allowed to compete at CCS this year. CCS will be held on Sat., June 12 and Sat., June 19 at Soquel H.S. The League Commissioner would like us to hold a CCS qualifier on Sat., May 29. No spectators will be allowed. Currently, the meet is scheduled to be held at Santa Clara H.S., barring any scheduling conflicts. The League Commissioner would like us to hold the field events in the morning with running events in the afternoon. 15 qualifiers will be allowed to compete in each event, the 16th place is for ties or other situations. Schools are allowed to have up to 3 qualifiers in each event. They will be allowed to have more than 3 per an event, if all of their times are in the top 8 for their league and top 15 for SCVAL. Alternates will be allowed. All qualifiers’ marks must be made in a SCVAL dual meet at the Varsity level. If a F/S or JV athlete made a mark in a combine race with Varsity runners such as a 3200m or hurdle race, their mark would be eligible for a top 15 mark. Any Pole vaulter will be able to compete. Their coach should submit their mark to the meet director, Julie. In order to qualify to CCS, the athlete(s) must finish in the top 6 for boys and 6 for girls. Anyone making the At-Large CCS mark will also qualify to CCS. Any ties for 6th place will need to be broken, unless it meets the At-Large mark. In running events, the timer will go to the thousandths to break the tie. For field events, the second best mark will be used to break ties, etc. In the high jump or pole vault, they may have to have a jump off to break the tie, if it is a true tie. If you plan to scratch an athlete from CCS, you must do it before June 8 when entries are due. Alternates can fill the vacant spot until the entries are turned in. If you plan to scratch an athlete, inform me and the head coach of the next alternate for CCS. Once entries are due, any late scratches will result in an empty lane at CCS. CCS will seat alternates from Trials to Finals. I will be the meet director for the SCVAL CCS Qualifier. Currently I have no event time schedule, awaiting to hear from my principal on when we can have start and end it. If the CCS order of events come out in time, field events will follow the CCS order and we will follow CCS order for whether girls or boys go first in the running events. I would like to do running events in the late afternoon if possible. I will take input from the coaches on the time schedule. I would like to have very experience workers for the field events. I am using the workers listed from 2020 to currently fill the spots for the field events. I know that some of you lost coaches from 2020 so if you don’t feel able to run a field event that you are listed to run, let me know ASAP. Anyone not running a field event will be a turn judge. Here is the list of current workers: Meet Director: Julie L'Heureux Location: Los Gatos HS Timer/ Results: Mark McConnell Starter: Steve Villegas Announcer: Alejandra Flores Field Event Result Checker: SC Jury of Appeals: Mark Shields (F), Curtis Liang (MV), Bernie Ramos (L), alternates: Michael Davidson (PA) and Kenrick Sealy (H) Clerk of the Course: Margaret (if available) Starting Clerk: Curtis Liang Finish Line: Los Gatos Block Crew: Los Altos Implement Weigh In: Los Altos Hurdles: Monta Vista Pole Vault: Los Gatos, Santa Clara Shot Put: Lynbrook Discus: Homestead LJ/TJ Girls: Cupertino High Jump: Fremont LJ/TJ Boys: Gunn Turn judges: TBA after events judges are finalized, will be made up of schools not doing other jobs. Entries for the SCVAL CCS Qualifier will be determined using the top marks for SCVAL. Make sure all your dual meets are uploaded to the site. Wind aided marks will be okay to use since many meets do not have wind gauge readings. There are 2 meets being held on May 27 that will be included in the marks, therefore some of the final qualifiers won’t be determined until Friday morning. Hopefully we will have lane assignments by Friday night. Any late scratches will be handled in the following way: if a scratch comes from the fast heat, the lane will be filled by the top time in the slow heat and the alternate will fill the lane in the slow heat. If the scratch comes from the slow heat, the alternate will fill the lane. If you have a dual meet on May 27, please make sure that your timers upload the results to that night. Please look at the current marks and let me know ASAP who to scratch from the list. Also, check to make sure that your athlete made the mark in a qualifying race: varsity or a combine race. On meet day, only competitors and 1st or 2nd alternates may enter the stadium along with coaches and workers. Once an athlete is done competing, they will have to leave the stadium. More information to come later in the week. If you would like us to have a zoom meeting tomorrow night around 7 or 8pm, let me know ASAP and if either time is okay. Julie L’Heureux 408-839-3422 May 16th - part #1 Coaches: Here is the link to the Participant Info. Bulletin for CCS T&F Championships: Please read the bulletin and the CCS Track & Field Bylaws (link in bulletin). A coach of record must accompany the athletes. If an athlete is not accompanied by a school coach, they cannot compete. If there is a problem, talk to your athletic director. SCVAL will have 6 entries for both boys and girls plus any At-Large qualifiers. The At-Large mark must be done at the CCS Qualifier on May 29. The marks for At-Large are in the bulletin. I am using the job assignments from 2020 for this year’s job assignment. If you cannot work, please find someone to switch with and also notify me. If we don’t supply a worker, we are fined $100. Eventually I will need the name of the workers to turn into CCS so they can get free entry into the meet. Workers’ names should be submitted no later than the Monday before each meet to me. CCS Workers Trials Events School School 400m relay-110m HH Cupertino Santa Clara 400m - 300m IH Fremont Saratoga 200n-1600m relay Lynbrook Mt. View High jump (2-3 workers) Los Gatos Finals Events School School 400m relay-110m HH Gunn Wilcox 400m - 300m IH Los Altos Palo Alto 200n-1600m relay Monta Vista Homestead High jump (2-3 workers) Milpitas As I receive more information from CCS, I will email it to the coaches. Julie L’Heureux 408-839-3422 P.S. More information to follow on the CCS Qualifier May 15th Brad our commissioner gave me the information that is below. Still waiting on the exact site, the meet will be. Please share with the coaches. Varsity only CCS qualifying event May 29th , Saturday Field Events in the morning Running events in the afternoon No Spectators Top (15) dual meet times or distances in an event qualifies for this event. Must make this time in a varsity event. Thanks, Curt Johansen, CAA Athletic Director Gunn High School