CCS All Time - Girls 200 M [220 yds] (additional marks)

Note: When this list was first compiled, all marks that were considered a Top 100 entry were inputted. As the years have gone by and more meet results were discovered, the 100th place mark was improved upon. However, it was felt that those original marks in the Top 100 should not be lost so this addtional list was created for that reason. Coaches: I am in need of competitors grade in school when a mark was achieved. This will be obvious by the '?' mark in the GRade field. Please E-mail me the information. The ADDITIONAL MARKS list is no longer maintained. Only marks that once qualified as a Top 100 mark will be displayed. - = 1.0058399 conversion yards to meters f = .24 hand to FAT Girls 200 M [220 yds] 6/3/2023 Name School Mark FAT Gr Year Meet Info Comments ---- ------ ---- --- --- ---- --------- -------- Shante Smith (Silver Creek) 00:25.07 FAT 2001 CCS Tr (H1-1st) Raquel Butler (Gilroy) 00:25.07 FAT 2004 USATF Reg14 (2nd) Brooke Oleson (Salinas) 00:25.07 FAT * 2017 MBL (1st) w3.3 25.19F CCS Tr (3rd) Te'Mesha Paxton (Mitty) 00:25.07 FAT 2017 WCAL (1st) w2.7 25.34F CCS (4th) Jessica Swalve (Westmont) 00:25.07 FAT 2019 Arcadia Hep (H2-1st) w4.1 25.13 CCS (2nd) Jessica Eagle (Menlo-Atherton) 00:25.07 FAT 2019 PAL (1st) w3.5 25.08 '18 Top8 (H1-2nd) Natalie Beck (Monterey) 00:25.08 FAT 2002 CCS (4th) Martina Mickos (Los Altos) 00:25.09 FAT * 2007 CCS Tr (6th) w2.7 25.44 Top8 (3rd) Emma Fitzpatrick (St Francis) 00:25.09 FAT 2015 WCAL (1st) w2.6 25.97F CCS Tr (H4-4th) Micha Auzenne (St Francis) 00:25.10 FAT 2013 Brutus (H1-3rd) w2.1 competed unattached Vivian Riley (Mt Pleasant) 00:25.24 FAT * 1982 TAC (3rd) 16-17 Please send any additions or corrections to Hank Lawson at HANKLAWTRACK@GMAIL.COM