CCS All Time - Girls 4x100 M [4x110 yds] (additional marks)

Note: When this list was first compiled, all marks that were considered a Top 100 entry were inputted. As the years have gone by and more meet results were discovered, the 100th place mark was improved upon. However, it was felt that those original marks in the Top 100 should not be lost so this addtional list was created for that reason. Coaches: I am in need of competitors grade in school when a mark was achieved. This will be obvious by the '?' mark in the GRade field. Please E-mail me the information. The ADDITIONAL MARKS list is no longer maintained. Only marks that once qualified as a Top 100 mark will be displayed. - = 1.0058399 conversion yards to meters f = .24 hand to FAT Girls 4x100 M [4x110 yds] 6/15/2022 School Mark FAT Gr Year Meet Info Comments ------ ---- --- --- ---- --------- -------- (St Francis) 00:48.60 FAT 1994 CCS (1st) (?Ramee Brown, ?Erin Duffey, ***Damesha Craig, *Gina Oceguera) (Monterey) 00:48.61 FAT 2001 CCS Tr (H1-2nd) (*Erica Smith, *Natalie Beck, *Winnie Fletcher, *Monica Anderson) (Monta Vista) 00:48.61 FAT 2019 Top 8 (2nd) (sEvelyn Howe, **Brooks Young, **Samantha Dunn, **Bianca Young) (Soquel) 00:48.62 FAT 2019 CCS (4th) (***Deijah Stephens, **Renee Parker, sGrace Bailey, **Sarah Canavan) (Mitty) 00:48.64 FAT 1988 CCS (2nd) (*Tarsha Handy, **Julia Dudley, ?Amy Ballesteros, sAndreen Alvarenga) (Los Gatos) 00:48.64 f [00:48.5] 1994 CCS Tr (H1-1st) (**Ally Lombardi, sKim Hay, **Kelly Lumby, sKim Veeder) (Los Gatos) 00:48.64 FAT 2012 Top 8 (1st) (Gunn) 00:48.65 FAT 2000 CCS (3rd) (*Ja'net Lawrence, sKatherine Wang, **Elise Geiger, sKelsey Laws) (Silver Creek) 00:48.66 FAT 1980 CCS (2nd) (*Felicia Smartt, ***Tracy Weaver, **Dana Edwards, **Valerie Smith) (Gunn) 00:48.67 FAT 1997 CCS (1st) (*Jayna Lin, sKate Graham, sJackie McDevitt, sMonica Coleman) (Monterey) 00:48.67 FAT 2002 CCS (1st) (sErica Smith, sNatalie Beck, sWinnie Fletcher, sMonica Anderson) (Leigh) 00:48.67 FAT 2010 CCS (4th) (St Francis) 00:48.68 FAT 1998 CCS Tr (3rd) (*Alyssa Perez, ***Ann Leemhuis, ***Casey Caldwell, *Kacey Bradley) (Oak Grove) 00:48.68 FAT 2003 CCS (2nd) (Presentation) 00:48.68 FAT 2007 CCS (4th) (Mitty) 00:48.68 FAT 2007 CCS Tr (5th) (Mountain View) 00:48.69 FAT 2014 CCS Tr (6th) (*Corrina Lee, sKolisa Nhlapo, *Krysta Korpontinos, ***Rachel Estell) (Mitty) 00:48.69 FAT 2015 CCS (4th) (Los Gatos) 00:48.72 FAT 1993 CCS (1st) 48.62F SR Pending (***Ally Lombardi, *Kim Hay, **Liz Moreton, *Kim Veeder) (Ayer) -00:48.73 [00:49.01] FAT 1977 CCS (2nd) (*Casey Waltz, *Cathy McKean, **Tammy Sullivan, *Robin Holliday) (Gunn) 00:48.73 FAT 1999 CCS-N (H1-2nd) (**Ja'net Lawrence, **Katherine Wang, ***Elise Geiger, *Kelsey Laws) (Hillsdale) 00:48.74 f [00:48.6] 1981 Top 8 (1st) (sJulie Herron, ***Debbie Dyson, **Debbie Edmondson, *Brenda Brewer) (Wilcox) 00:48.74 FAT 2002 CCS (2nd) (*Jennifer Quach, **Laura Dobbins, sJessika Vale, sChristina Hardiman) (Los Gatos) -00:48.75 f [00:48.9] 1981 Reg 3 (4th) (*LeAnne Sera, *Renee James, ***Renee Sherwood, sDeirdre Donahue) (Lynbrook) 00:48.75 FAT 1991 CCS (2nd) (sLisa Collet, *Cindy McCloskey, sSamantha Spencer, ***Lisa Chew) (St Francis) 00:48.76 FAT 1990 CCS (1st) (?Nanea Meyer, sAngela Nurisso, sKelly Donnell, **B___ Marquess) (Los Gatos) 00:48.77 FAT 2000 per SR Board (**Kristen Fumia, ***Carolyn Penner, **Simone Drucker, ?Meghan Kirby-McFarland) (Valley Christian) 00:48.78 FAT 2012 CCS (2nd) (*Mary Ellen Bradley, **Shelby Smallwood, sKristen Sato, *Robriana Johnson) (Fremont) 00:48.79 FAT 1980 CCS (3rd) (**Sherrill Miller, sJacki Walker, ***Nicole Bien, *Karen Robinson) (Silver Creek) 00:48.79 FAT 1990 CCS (2nd) (Los Gatos) 00:48.81 FAT 1986 per SR Board (sKarrie Rexford, *Lezli Jensen, *Stacy Kuehnis, **Heidee Ruiz) (Monta Vista) 00:48.83 FAT 2005 CCS (5th) (Saratoga) 00:48.84 FAT 1980 CCS (4th) (**Kathy Lass, *Sharon Elliott, **Michele Fults, **Liz Chewning) (Overfelt) 00:48.84 FAT 1980 CCS (5th) (Gunn) 00:48.87 FAT 1996 CCS (3rd) (*Michelle Kwan, *Monica Coleman, sLeslie Chen, *Kate Graham) (Independence) 00:48.87 FAT 1996 CCS (4th) (N Salinas) 00:48.87 FAT 1997 CCS (2nd) (Los Gatos) 00:48.87 FAT 2006 State Tr (H2-6th) (**Sammi Moser, **Christine Reed, sMary Gonzales, *Jaimee Erickson) (Evergreen) 00:48.89 FAT 2009 CCS (1st) (sJalisa Taylor, sChardae French, sErica Arenas, *Lia Randazzo) (Valley Christian) 00:48.89 FAT 2010 WCAL (3rd) (**Brooke Singletary, sHannah Goranson, sJenna Davis, **Kristen Sato) (St Ignatius) 00:48.91 FAT 1993 CCS-N (H3-1st) (St Francis) 00:48.91 FAT 1997 CCS (3rd) (Piedmont Hills) 00:48.94 FAT 1997 CCS (4th) (Milpitas) 00:48.94 f [00:48.8] 1998 CCS-N (2nd) 49.77F DAL (1st) (Carlmont) -00:48.95 f [00:49.1] 1978 HW (*Liz Otto, sJoanne Hodnick, ***Cindi Greene, **Val Milligan) (Hill) -00:48.95 f [00:49.1] 1979 BVAL-MH (1st) (**Kim Tompkins, **Sheila Green, ***Sherri Hallen, ***Anita Bolton) (St Francis) 00:48.96 FAT 1992 Top 8 (2nd) (Mitty) 00:48.96 FAT 2004 CCS (2nd) (Independence) 00:48.97 FAT 1988 Reg 3 (2nd) (?Sheila Moody, ?Marie Jones, ?Cynthia Adams, ?Stephanie Lampkin) (Menlo-Atherton) 00:48.97 FAT 2004 CCS (3rd) (*___ Funk, ***Kaitlin McGhee, sCourtney Morse, ***Keianna Talton) (Los Altos) 00:48.98 FAT 2003 CCS (3rd) (Piedmont Hills) 00:48.99 FAT 1986 CCS (2nd) (St Ignatius) 00:48.99 FAT 2005 CCS (6th) (Valley Christian) 00:49.00 FAT 2009 WCAL (2nd) (Independence) 00:49.02 FAT 1993 CCS Tr (H2-1st) (St Francis) 00:49.02 FAT 2009 CCS (2nd) (***Kathleen Garrity, sShanie Landen, sMonica Harnoto, **Lauren Tarantino) (Los Gatos) 00:49.03 FAT 1990 CCS (3rd) 48.93F SR Pending (**Lora Weinberg, ?Jody Campbell, sHeidi Brink, sTiffany Hackett) (St Francis) 00:49.03 FAT 2003 CCS (4th) (Los Altos) 00:49.04 FAT 2006 Top 8 (2nd) (San Mateo) -00:49.05 f [00:49.2] 1980 HW (Milpitas) 00:49.05 FAT 1997 CCS (5th) (Monta Vista) 00:49.06 FAT 1995 CCS (3rd) (Independence) 00:49.08 FAT 1998 CCS Tr (4th) (**Shavonne Floyd, sFrancine Turner, **Adriene Farrales, *Oriaku Kas-Osaka) (Oak Grove) 00:49.15 FAT 1998 CCS (3rd) (sOgie Fitz, sAndrea Gulley, **Tamara Gulley, *Monika Statkiewicz) (Los Gatos) 00:49.16 FAT 1992 Top 8 (3rd) 49.05F SR Pending (sLora Weinberg, ?___ McCoy, **Kim Hay, *Tina Farnady) (Santa Cruz) 00:49.16 FAT 2002 CCS (3rd) (*Gretchen Haussle, sMegan Baker, sJill Himlan, *Ali Hatcher) (Leland) 00:49.17 FAT 1989 Top 8 (1st) (Mt Pleasant) 00:49.17 FAT 1990 CCS (4th) (Mitty) 00:49.17 FAT 2003 CCS (5th) (Los Gatos) 00:49.17 FAT 2004 CCS (4th) (sCheryl Parkman, sAli Dodson,*Mary Gonzales, ***Jaimee Erickson) (Burlingame) 00:49.17 FAT 2009 CCS (5th) (sAmanda Koester, **Allison Daley, *Cassie Root, sJenn Carey) (Palo Alto) 00:49.19 FAT 2004 CCS (5th) (St Francis) 00:49.19 FAT 2011 CCS (4th) (Los Gatos) 00:49.22 FAT 1991 CCS (3rd) (Mt Pleasant) 00:49.22 FAT 2004 BA Top 8 (6th) (Los Gatos) 00:49.23 FAT 1995 Top 8 (1st) 49.13F SR Pending (*Rose Sczawinski, **Stephanie Chavez, *Kelly Lumby, *Ally Lombardi) (Evergreen) 00:49.25 FAT 2008 BVAL-MH (1st) (Los Gatos) 00:49.26 FAT 1987 Reg 3 (1st) (Mitty) 00:49.26 FAT 1997 CCS (6th) (Del Mar) 00:49.28 FAT 1992 CCS Tr (H1-2nd) (Soquel) 00:49.29 FAT 2000 CCS (4th) (Los Altos) 00:49.29 FAT 2011 DAL (1st) Please send any additions or corrections to Hank Lawson at HANKLAWTRACK@GMAIL.COM