CCS All Time - Girls 4x400 M [4x440 yds] (additional marks)

Note: When this list was first compiled, all marks that were considered a Top 100 entry were inputted. As the years have gone by and more meet results were discovered, the 100th place mark was improved upon. However, it was felt that those original marks in the Top 100 should not be lost so this addtional list was created for that reason. Coaches: I am in need of competitors grade in school when a mark was achieved. This will be obvious by the '?' mark in the GRade field. Please E-mail me the information. The ADDITIONAL MARKS list is no longer maintained. Only marks that once qualified as a Top 100 mark will be displayed. - = 1.0058399 conversion yards to meters f = .24 hand to FAT Girls 4x400 M [4x440 yds] 6/15/2022 School Mark FAT Gr Year Meet Info Comments ------ ---- --- --- ---- --------- -------- (Los Gatos) 03:58.45 FAT 1987 CCS (1st) 3:58.24F SR Pending (sKarri Rexford, ***Tiffany Hackett, *Heidee Ruiz, sLezli Jensen 55.0) (Los Gatos) 03:58.54 f [03:58.4] 1985 CCS (2nd) 3:58.2hyd SR Pending(**Lezli Jensen, ***Heidee Ruiz, **Karri Rexford, *Stacy Kuehnis) (St Francis) 03:58.60 FAT 2006 CCS (3rd) (?Angela Celentano, ?Monika Sullivan, ***Shanie Landen, ?Samantha Williams) (St Francis) 03:58.60 FAT 2014 CCS (5th) (**Angela Cutler, *Katalina Urabazzo-Torres, **Jenna Adams, **Natalie Drucker) (Carlmont) -03:58.64 f [03:59.9] 1978 HW (**Linda Jungsten, *Liz Otto, sJoanne Hodnick, ***Paula Foianini) (Independence) 03:58.65 FAT 1992 CCS (1st) (Los Altos) 03:58.67 FAT 2007 CCS (5th) (sKristen Rowsey, *Martina Mickos, sSarah Lytle, sBria Nelson) (Soquel) 03:58.70 FAT 1999 CCS (2nd) (St Ignatius) 03:58.73 FAT 2012 Top 8 (2nd) (Sequoia) -03:58.87 [04:00.26] FAT 1979 CCS (2nd) (*Crystal Preisser, **Carleen Mandolfo, sLinda Elkins, *Norma Colon) (Sequoia) -03:58.94 f [04:00.2] 1978 HW (Camden) -03:58.94 f [04:00.2] 1979 HW (*Lola Pinkerton, *Annette Snyder, *Lynn Girard, sAnn Regan) 4:00.4hy CCS (3rd) (Los Gatos) 03:58.95 FAT 1993 CCS (1st) (**Liz Moreton, ***Ally Lombardi, sKim Hay, sKim Veeder) (Fremont) 03:59.01 FAT 1989 CCS (3rd) (**Erica Nelson, **Hanneke Jamieson, sMichelle Barga, *Beth Bartholomew) (Harbor) -03:59.02 [04:00.42] FAT 1977 CCS (1st) (Seaside) -03:59.03 [04:00.43] FAT 1981 HW (sWanda Simmons, sDrucilla Wyer, *Yvette Webb, sClaudette Carroll) (Los Gatos) 03:59.03 FAT 2004 CCS (2nd) (*Caroline Stege, ***Samantha Peppard, *Ashley Benson, sAli Dodson 57.7) (Mitty) 03:59.09 FAT 1991 CCS (1st) (St Ignatius) 03:59.09 FAT 2013 State Tr (H2-5th) (*Fiona Smith 60.8, *Katie Spence 60.0, *Claire Tramontozzi 59.1, *Skylar Fenton 59.0) (Homestead) -03:59.14 f [04:00.4] 1983 CCS (3rd) (Mitty) 03:59.14 f [03:59.0] 1990 CCS Top Mk (1st) 3:59.35F CCS (1st) (Los Gatos) 03:59.14 FAT 1992 CCS (2nd) 3:59.03F SR Pending (***Lisa Nanez, **Kim Hay, *Tina Farnady, **Kim Veeder) (Mitty) 03:59.14 FAT 1995 CCS (3rd) (Los Gatos) 03:59.14 f [03:59.0] 2000 SR Board (***Carolyn Penner, **Aly Chavez, *Simone Drucker, sHeather Hennessy) (St Francis) 03:59.14 f [03:59.0] 2007 SR Board - PENDING (*Tiffany Yee, ***Samantha Mravca, **Monica Harnoto, ?Monika Sullivan) (Mtn View) 03:59.14 FAT 2011 CCS Tr (2nd) (*Allison Sturges, *Emily Andrew, sSamantha Boulanger, **Maya Weigel) (Saratoga) -03:59.20 [04:00.60] FAT 1981 HW (*Michele Fults, 62.1, **Debby Whalen 61.6, *Kathy Lass 58.3, *Liz Chewning 58.6) (Gunn) 03:59.20 FAT 1997 Top 8 (1st) (*Jayna Lin, sKate Graham, sJackie McDevitt, sMonica Coleman) (Lynbrook) 03:59.31 FAT 1992 CCS (3rd) (***Cathy Rondeau 63.9, **Lisa Chew 57.4, **Stephanie Hovancik 61.8, sCindy McCloskey 56.8) (Del Mar) 03:59.32 FAT 1993 CCS (2nd) (Milpitas) 03:59.32 FAT 1998 CCS (2nd) (**Angelica Brown, **Deidre Reese, sCharlene Onofre, sKelly Watson) (Independence) 03:59.34 f [03:59.2] 1993 CCS Tr (H2-1st) (Leland) 03:59.37 FAT 2011 CCS Tr (3rd) (Gunn) 03:59.49 FAT 1996 CCS (3rd) (sMichelle Kwan, *Jackie McDevitt, *Kate Graham, *Monica Coleman) (Los Altos) 03:59.51 FAT 2006 CCS (4th) (Leland) 03:59.52 FAT 2009 CCST (3rd) (***Lauren Kuechle, ***Nisha Parmeshwar, sStephanie Barnett, *Katie Nelms) (Silver Creek) 03:59.54 f [03:59.4] 1998 CCS Tr (H2-1st) (Silver Creek) 03:59.55 FAT 1995 CCS Tr (H2-2nd) (Fremont) 03:59.59 FAT 1980 State Tr (H1-5th) (***Nicole Bien, *Kelly Wolf, sJacki Walker, **Sherrill Miller) Please send any additions or corrections to Hank Lawson at HANKLAWTRACK@GMAIL.COM