CCS All Time - 300M IH Boys (Additional Marks)

Note: When this list was first compiled, all marks that were considered a Top 100 entry were inputted. As the years have gone by and more meet results were discovered, the 100th place mark was improved upon. However, it was felt that those original marks in the Top 100 should not be lost so this addtional list was created for that reason. sort time time / year Coaches: I am in need of competitors grade in school when a mark was achieved. This will be obvious by the "?" mark in the GRade field. Please E-mail me the information. All LH marks have an additional .5 seconds added so as to be equivelent to IH marks. The ADDITIONAL MARKS list is no longer maintained. Only marks that once qualified as a Top 100 mark will be displayed. - = 1.0058399 conversion yards to meters f = .24 hand to FAT 6/1/2018 Boys 300m IH (LH=added .5) Sort: O, H & I Rank Name School FAT Gr Year Meet Info Hgt Comments ---- ---- ------ --- -- ---- --------- --------- Isaki Wada-Law (Los Gatos) 00:38.67 FAT 2017 CCS (1st) IH Rigo Canela (Oak Grove) 00:38.72 FAT 2000 CCS Tr (H1-1st) IH Will Faules (Homestead) 00:38.75 FAT 2003 CCS (1st) IH Sekod Franklin (Yerba Buena) 00:38.79 FAT 1990 CCS (4th) IH Jeff Pomo (Palma) 00:38.80 FAT 1997 SR Board - PENDINGIH Blake Rose (Mitty) 00:38.80 FAT 2017 CCS (2nd) IH Brandon Williams (Mt Pleasant) 00:38.81 FAT 2000 CCS (1st) IH Erik Michon (Carlmont) 00:38.81 FAT * 2001 CCS (2nd) IH Jim Martin (Lynbrook) -00:38.82 f [00:38.3] 1975 SR Board - PENDINGLH Chris Cooke (Cubberley) -00:38.82 f [00:38.3] 1979 CCS Top Mks (5th) LH 38.62yLH CCS (4th) Danny Magno (Watsonville) -00:38.82 f [00:38.3] 1979 CCS Top Mks (6th) LH _____ Tucker (Sequoia) -00:38.82 f [00:38.3] ? 1981 Reg 2 (3rd) LH Andre Tabor (Capuchino) 00:38.83 1982 Vs Mills (1st) LH Justin Ta (Silver Creek) 00:38.84 FAT 2006 CCS (3rd) IH Jim Zapien (Gilroy) 00:38.88 FAT 1989 CCS (4th) IH Ryo Kubozono (Cupertino) 00:38.89 FAT 2010 CCS (1st) IH Rickey Velasco (Bellarmine) 00:38.90 FAT 1993 CCS Top Mk (1st) IH Mike Lodoen (Bellarmine) 00:38.94 f [00:38.7] FAT 12? 1987 WCAL (1st) IH 1998 WCAL pgm says 38.6h as the MR set in '87 Ben Elfert (Serra) 00:38.95 FAT 1994 CCS (5th) IH Jim Schmidt (Soquel) 00:38.97 1986 Reg 4 (1st) IH 38.96F CCS (6th) Burton Iosefa (Oak Grove) 00:38.95 FAT 2005 CCS (4th) IH Isaac Carson (Jefferson) 00:38.97 FAT * 1990 Reg 1 (1st) IH Oliver Shabram (Carmel) 00:38.98 FAT 2006 Alisal Inv (1st) IH Jeremy Gonzales (Palma) 00:39.00 FAT 1994 SR Board - PENDINGIH Kent Centers (Bellarmine) 00:39.00 FAT * 2001 CCS Tr (H2-2nd) IH Oscar Pearson (Alisal) 00:39.00 FAT 2011 Alisal (1st) IH