EC League Meet - Information

o Certificate Of Insurance needs to be supplied to the location of the Meet. o Accutrak / LYNX system should be used for all races. Note: 70 sets of 1-8 ordered from SPRINGCO (800) 383-0305 o Accutrack Operator is the FINISH PLACE official and their decision is final. Note: Should NOT be a coach, athlete or parent of athlete o Adults must be present at all times, running the event they are responsible for. o No event day additions and/or substitutions. o No more than 3 athletes per event. o Seeding of Finals is based on times from Trials. If no Trials, then marks entered by coaches. o 800/1600 - If 16 or less athletes, a single heat final. o Two Heat Final - Heat #2: Fastest 12 runners (unless there is an obvious "time" break Heat #1: All other runners Note: There will be no less than 5 athletes in the SLOW heat o If a FAST HEAT runner scratches, then the fastest runner in the SLOW HEAT may be moved up (if they desire). Note: All finish places are based on the combined times of the two heats o 800 - One turn stagger, with runners 9-12 (16) in lanes 1A-4A (8A). o 1600/3200 - Waterfall start. o Field events - four attempts each o Define before the Meet begins: Meet Referee (usually the Starter) Head Judge (should be Accutrak) Advisory Committee (can be a group of coaches) Protest Form (and the Protest process) How lane assignments are decided (4-5-3-6-2-7-1-8) Who advance from the Trials (Winner from each heat and the remaining spots [8 total] are based on time) o Suggested Meet Schedule: - F/S Boys and JV Girls field events and 3200M are Finals on Day 1 - Trials on Day 1 for events, 400M or less, if there are more than 8 athletes. - Finals on Day 2 for all other events. o When calling in the results to the SJ Mercury News (408) 920-5354, insist that they print the Top 6 per event. This is a Championship, not a dual meet. o Supplies: Four walkie talkies (Clerk, Results, Meet Director, Finish Line) Copy Machine (with paper & toner) 75' tape for Shot 200' tape for Disc 75' tape for TJ 50' tape for LJ Staple gun or tape for posting results