San Jose Mercury News - CCS Top Marks format

- Copy Boys and Girls Top CCS marks worksheets into the TOP15 worksheet, leave a 'blank' line between the Boys & Girls events. - HIDE the last 3 columns - save as a PRN file. - Delete all rows (and times too) not needed (leave one blank row between each event). - Blank out SCHOOL NAME for 4x100 & 4x400. - Leave the HEADINGs alone (used for a MAIL MERGE). - Select ATHLETE NAME column and DATA/TEXT TO COLUMNS DELIMITED/COMMA/TEXT/FINISH/Replace? OK - Add the 'Grade' label back into the column where the FIRST NAME now is. - Select a cell in 'Conv Marks' column and FORMAT/CELL/NUMBER tab/GENERAL. - Change this same cell's formula to have the '-' be put on the RIGHT side of Mark (in BOTH places in the cell's formula). - COPY/PASTE the entire column to this new formula for TIMES marks (ignore "-" in blank rows). - Save the Excel File and close. - Run WORD and open EXCEL/DATA/HSTRACK/CCS_TOP.DOC & MAIL MERGE into new WORD file. - Save file as 'CCS_Track_Marks_mmdd.DOC' (in EXCEL/DATA) - The following commands are in MACRO 'CCS_2'. - EDIT/REPLACE (characters to replace are between "") section Break ---> nothing "() -" ---> nothing "() " ---> nothing "-," ---> "c," " f" ---> nothing (match case - ON) " ,^p" ---> "^p" (match case - OFF) ",^p" ---> "," ",^p" ---> ".^p" "00:" ---> nothing "'" ---> "-" ";" ---> "," Add in 'blank' line and GIRLS & BOYS Add "c=converted from yards; send updates to" at end of file - Save file and close WORD. Save as a WORD document and email to SJMN & PA Online (SJ Mercury) by Sunday night (Tuesday noon at the latest) - (408) 920-5869. Subject: CCS Top xx Track Marks thru MM/DD Also include Top 15 Teams (guys & gals) in the body of the e-mail.