High Lites - 1965

        1965 Highlites

Do you remember when ...

We dressed in the baseball dugouts
We started our first race
Manager Alfred had some problems with a screwdriver
Ralph Jordan ran that very exciting race against Larsen of Fremont at Sunnyvale
Mark Gibbs fell down in the first lap at Sunnyvale
Mark Gibbs won the scrub race at Sunnyvale
Dennis Hanson stepped on a little pebble and came up with the world's worst stone bruise
Mark Gibbs had a wonderful time at Awalt?????????
Someone didn't bring their shoes for the CCS meet
Steven Ashby was biten in the nose
Randy Reeve, Don Morris & Jim Carroll didn't walk a step
One Steven Ashby gave the wrong directions and everyone went the wrong way
Our Lynbrook winners at Homestead missed the kisses
We helped corral a runaway horse
We had to run across _____  _____  Pass
Mike Rapson caught poison oak, so he says
Dennis Hanson fell down into the mud at Cupertino
Bert McMahon finally made the emblem run
Joe "The Greatest" quit cross country because he was too good
Monte Faust started to run at Homestead without his pants
Craig Spingath came to the rescue, gave up his pants and couldn't run
We ran the first emblem run
We ran the first four minute run
Earl Burke tried to run those six minute miles ...
Mike Rapson nearly killed himself trying to beat the competition
We froze our feet off
The coach got mad when Cary Davis wore his infamous jersey to practice
We had to dress in that cold and comfortable Awalt gym
We had to stay and wait, wait, wait and wait at Vasona
Some of us went swimming
Mike Rapson caught his "cold"
The time Mike and friends decided to take a short cut from _____  _____  Pass
   which turned out not to be so short
The time when Manager Alfred gave Ralph Jordan and friends a ride on his bike down
   Regnart Road, while the others ran
Manager Alfred threw wild to second base
We played baseball
Cary Davis sold advertising space
We had some tape for injuries
Everyone checked their coats before leaving M3
We stood quietly in line for the bus at Cupertino
We first went up phase I
We walked up phase II
We enjoyed Vini's so called radio
Alan Bonsteel didn't study during PE
Earl Burke struck out & Pat Spencer missed the pop fly
The fungo game (the spray what is)
Manager Rizzo was innocent of all wrong doing

These are a "few" of the memories of 1965.  I'm sure that you can
     think of more and more and more -------------