All NorCal - 1963

All Nor-Cal History

Ryan, Mike * Wilcox 11 9:09.8 9:30.6 RUNNER OF THE YEAR & JUNIOR OF THE YEAR

Kay, Rich * Miramonte 12 9:36.8 9:35.0 SENIOR OF THE YEAR

Gamez, Ralph Foothill 10 9:13.2 9:42.0 SOPHOMORE OF THE YEAR

Name School Grade Track Course Biber, Joe * Buchser 12 9:42.9 10:11.0 Bradfield,Bill Carlmont 10 9:57.4 9:47.0 Bruce, Jim Pleasant Hill 12 9:33.0 9:39.0 Burkhard, Art Clayton Valley 12 9:43.8 9:46.0 Carter, Sherm Pittsburgh 10 Celaya, Ray Tennyson 10 Howard, Ken St Ignatius 12 9:44.5 9:44.0 Liepins, Gunar Pleasant Hill 12 9:43.3 9:56.0 McCann, Martin Carlmont 11 9:37.5 9:47.0 McCann, Mike * Carlmont 11 9:28.6 9:38.0 McCalla, Vern Berkeley Nichols, Bert McClatchy 12 Orsua, Joe Sunnyvale 12 Ortegan, Ed Irvington 12 9:31.0 Reynolds,Craig San Leandro 12 9:38.9 9:34.0 Trujillo,Larry Tennyson 12 9:35.0 9:45.0 Vollmer, Andy Downey 11 9:32.5 Weed, George Folsom 12

Honorable Mention

Joe Barrera (Newark) 9:42.8/10:03; McCalla (Berkeley) 9:43.9/9:59; Celaya (Tennyson) 9:53/9:53; Carter (Pittsburg) 9:50/9:51; Nichols (McClatchy) CROSS COUNTRY ATHLETE OF THE YEAR: MIKE RYAN (Wilcox) Mike Ryan is making track and cross country history at the tender age of 16. Only a junior, Mike has twice won the NCS cross country crown and is undefeated in competition this year. Mike is a repeater from last years team and is also a repeater for athlete of the year honors. Mike is at his best when challenged by tough competition. He always comes through when the pressure is on. Ryan is the best distance runner ever developed in Northern California. OUTSTANDING SENIOR ATHLETE: RICH KAY (Miramonte) Rich always does well in competition and is a consistant runner who came along very strong at the end of the season. Rich was selected as the outstanding Junior runner on last year's all Northern California team. OUTSTANDING SOPHOMORE ATHLETE: RALPH GAMEZ (Foothill of Hayward) Ralph has the fastest 2 mile time ever made by a 15 year old. Ralph was the surprise of the season, as he literally came out of nowhere to upset many better known athletes. Ralph owns victories over every opponent on the team with the exception of Ryan. OUTSTANDING JUNIOR ATHLETE: MIKE RYAN (Wilcox) (see above) OUTSTANDING FRESHMAN ATHLETE: CARDINALLI (Central) OUTSTANDING TEAM: CARLMONT HS - NCS CHAMPS Ranked 2nd in Nation with team time of 49:07.1 NOTE: The Northern California Track & Field Association will honor the above named athletes at their second annual awards night at Carlmont HS on Fri, Dec 6th at 7:30 PM. Fans, athletes, friends, coaches, are all invited. No charge. * = INDICATES THAT THE ATHLETE IS A REPEATER FROM LAST YEARS TEAM.