MHAL, SCVAL & WVAL Pre-Season Minutes
June 7, 1963 TO: Cross Country Coaches: MHAL, SCVAL & WVAL RE: Cross Country Meets for 1963-64 Season FROM: Hal Sonntag, Commissioner A meeting of Cross Country Coaches was held in this office on Thursday, June 6th in order to announce dates of various cross country meets to be held next Fall. It was also decided that a committee made up of MHAL, SCVAL & WVAL chairmen will meet this Summer to spell-out rules and regulations for cross country. Recommendations from this committee will be forwarded to coaches early in the Fall. Dates for the Stanford Center Meets are listed as follows: October 10 -- Sunnyvale, Buchser, Leigh, Irvington October 17 -- Sunnyvale, Homestead, Pioneer, Santa Clara, Loga,, Newark, Leigh, Lick October 24 -- Mtn View, Awalt, Wilcox, Homestead October 31 -- Mtn View, Awalt, Wilcox, Pioneer, Santa Clara, Buchser, Logan, Newark, Lick, Irvington Frosh-Soph Championships -- Thursday, November 7th Junior Varsity & Varsity Championships -- Friday, November 15th Group Meet -- Friday, November 22nd N.C.S. -- Wednesday, November 27th A Varsity Postal Meet will be held at Angell Field, Stanford on Saturday, November 9th You will note that several schools have signed up to attend two of these meets from October 10 through 31st. Jim Luttrell of San Carlos High School and sponsor of the Center Meets has asked our leagues to give some idication of the days our teams wish to participate in the meets at Stanford Golf Course. Our schools may participate in two of the Center meets. If you did not attend the meeting of June 6th, please call this office as soon as possible indicating the dates you would like to attend the above listed center meets. Keep in mind that we should maintain some balance and not have all our schools participating on the same day. Try to select October 10th or 24th since our leagues are fairly well represented on the October 17th and 31st dates. When you plan to compete in the Center Meets please be certain to mail your entries to Jim Luttrell and include the first and last names and year-in-school of all runners. Listed below are the meets to be sponsored by league schools. If you are interested in attending any of these meets please call the host school and make arrangements for you entries ahead of time. *Washinton Union High School -- September 26, 1963 Del Mar High School -- Saturday, October 19, 1963 (2 openings available) Mtn View High School -- October 4, 1963 (2 openings available) Sunnyvale High School -- October 5, 1963 *Washington High School meet may not be held since present coach is leaving this school. Other dates made available at the meeting are as follows: Sacramento State College -- Saturday, October 12, 1963 Modesto -- Saturday, October 26, 1963 Terra Nova -- Saturday, October 26, 1963