1966 All SCVAL XC Team

**  Carranza, Rich   Sunnyvale  12
*   Hanson, Gary     Cupertino  12
    Horan, Dan       Cupertino  12
    Larson, Jack     Fremont    10
A   Mahon, Manny     Lynbrook   11
    Murray, Steve    Homestead  12
**  Rentschler, LarryCupertino  11
**  Rodriquez, Art   Sunnyvale  12
*   Ruble, Jeff      Los Altos  12
*   Sanford, Dave    Homestead  11
    Tompsett, Jerry  Cupertino  12

    1966 All SCVAL Sophomore XC Team

    Christensen, JackHomestead
    Cruz, Dan        Wilcox
    Faust, Monte     Lynbrook
    Ferguson, Mike   Homestead
    Flynn, Steve     Homestead
    Horan, Bill      Cupertino
    Lynch, Carl      Homestead
    Pope, Chuck      Homestead
    Richardson, BruceWilcox
    Rios, Al         Wilcox

    1966 All SCVAL Freshman XC Team

    Alvarez, Robert  Sunnyvale
    Brassell, Tom    Homestead
    Brown, Rick      Los Altos
    Criado, Danny    Sunnyvale
B   Gaesser, Paul    Homestead
    Jett, Terry      Sunnyvale
    Luna, Antinaco   Mtn View
    O'Connor, Sean   Awalt
    Stahl, Randy     Homestead

*   NorCal '66 First team
**  NorCal '66 Second team
A   NorCal Junior Runner of 1966
B   NorCal Freshman Runner of 1966

How the All League selections were determined.  Results of the league finals, CCS
Qualifying, CCS finals, National Postal Meets, and important invitationals were
all considered.  Consistency was a major factor in determining the All League
selections.  Each boy considered for the team had all of the above performances
throughly evaluated before being selected.

The SCVAL cross country coaches will select their "All League Teams" next year
following the CCS Finals.  The early date next year was decided upon in order to
indicate to the Northern California Track & Field Association our league's
outstanding runners.  We feel that since we have had the greatest representation
in the last few years, that this would help them in their selections.

There were five boys who were nominated for tenth place on the All-League freshman
team; however, because their running performances were close, to select all five -
the team would lose its selectivity.

There were eleven boys selected to the Varsity All-League team.  Two boys were
nominated for 10th place for the following reasons:  They both had comparable times
in the most important meets of the year, as stated above, and are graduating seniors.
They were both highly recommended by their coaches for their inspiration and
consistant team performances.

The cross country committee for recomending changes on CCS rules have decided that
no fair and justice decision can be made at this time concerning possible cross
country changes; therefore, no recomendations will be made to CCS until the May
CCS meeting.  We will have to have a meeting in late March concerning these matters.

It was voted by the coaches at our meeting that until CCS should change their rules
and regulations that cross country in our league should have the following teams:
1. varsity, 2. sophomores, 3. freshman.  Since only seven (7) runners can compete
in many meets, SCVAL league schools can enter JV divisions when other leagues
compete, as they have such divisions.  In Our league meet the three above classifications
will be run and scored.  Instead of a JV race, all other runners will run in an
unscored open race.  This will allow participation on all levels of
ability and still remain within the thinking of the department heads and CCS rules
and the other leagues in this region.