FUHSD Predictions & Information - 10/28/66

2.0 miles @ Lynbrook HS

Record: Bill Mackey, Leigh, 09/22/66 10:04.8 (on a 60 yd shortened course)

3:10  Reserves
3:30  Sophomores
3:45  Freshman
4:00  Varsity
4:15  Junior Varsity

4:30  Awards

The varsity race should be a great one with Cupertino, Homestead and Sunnyvale
all within a few points of each other.  Picking a winner here is almost impossible.
I believe that Mahon of Lynbrook and Larsen of Fremont will decide the score.  Both
boys are fine runners and are on teams that have no chance for the championships.
Team wise neither boy has nothing to lose and can have a great deal to say about
the winner.  Who they beat and/or who they do not beat will greatly effect the outcome.

INDIVIDUALS (Varsity Race)

Rodriquez, Art (Sunnyvale) - has the best time of the year at the Hallmark, Belmont
     Center Meets (CCS will be held there this year) has been the most consistant
     runner so far this year.  He won't start on Friday either.  He has to be rated a
     slight favorite.

Sanford, Dave (Homestead) - he won the Camden Invitational in record time, beating
     Rodriquez in a fast race.  Won the Varsity race at Vasona last week.

Hanson, Gary (Cupertino) - he hasn't run a great race yet, and he hasn't finished
     first in any race this year; however, he has been very far back in any race.
     He won last year's District Meet, and he always runs well when it counts.  It
     counts Friday.

Mahon, Manny (Lynbrook) - an experienced cross country runner who has been
     running with the best of them for three years now.  He hasn't shown too much
     this year, but did beat Rodriquez in the last 20 yards to win the Del Mar
     Invitational in the second fastest time ever on that course.  You have to beat
     him in the first 1.5 mile to beat him.

1 - C'tino  (very close)
2 - Home  (could win)
3 - S'vale  (better on time)
4 - Fremont
5 - Lynbrook

1 - Home
2 - C'tino
3 - S'vale
4 - Fremont
5 - Lynbrook  (lost 1st runner to appendisitis)

1 - Home  (easily walk away)
2 - C'tino
3 - Lynbrook
4 - S'vale
5 - Fremont

1 - Home & S'vale  (for 1st, very close)
2 - ...
3 - Lynbrook
4 - C'tino  (could be close here)
5 - Fremont  (should be last)

No spikes are allowed.  Shoes are strongly recommended.  Varsity heat is limited
to only seven runners.  JV, Soph, Frosh heats are limited to ten runners.  During
the race the runners will run across several markings on the ground.  An arrow
followed by a cross indicates a possible danger spot.  There is either a higher
area ahead or a small incline off the ground.  These areas are not dangerous, but the
runner should note them, because we do not wish anyone to fall or injure himself.
The runners should try to stay rather close to the chalk lines when they see them,
because the area around the chalk lines is relatively free from large rocks and 
there are no ruts.

The football area is out of bounds today, until the football team (varsity) is
finished with practice.  The same holds true for the track around the football area.

The warm up area is on the large athletic area, in the area not being used by the
runners in the race and the football teams.

After you receive the place tab, please give it to your team scorer as soon as
possible.  The scorer will place your name on the team scoring sheet with your
last name first and your placing in the race.  After all team members are listed on
the team scoring sheet, please turn in tabs in the envelopes with the team scoring
sheet.  The completed envelopes should be turned into the official scorer's table
as soon as possible.

The mile time will be read off to all runners.  Restrooms in the boy's locker room
are available.  Turn to the right after entering the locker room.

In order that the runners have a fair chance at the finish line, and so that
everyone has the same opportunity to see the finish, we will allow only timers,
official and school, recorders & photographers on the track.  All other persons
will view the meet from any area other than the track.

A fee of 25 cents per contestant will be charged for all those runners in the
Soph, Frosh, Varsity & Junior Varsity races.  There is a limit of seven in the
Varsity race and a limit of ten in the Soph, Frosh and Junior Varsity races.
A team must have ten Frosh runners before a Freshman can run in the
Reserve race.  The same thing holds true for Sophomores and JV runners.

The fee for the Reserve race is 15 cents per runner.  The reason the fee is
lower for Reserve runners is because they do not receive any awards.

Individual awards for top seven varsity runners
Individual awards for the top 7 Frosh runners
Individual awards for the top 7 Soph runners
Ribbons will be given out for the top 7 JV runners
There are team trophied for the top Varsity, Frosh & Soph races

Scoring will be by place and team score.  Each team will receive a
team time, but it is unofficial only.

Track shoes with spikes are NOT allowed:  it is recommended that
some type shoe be worn for safety purposes.  A runner may be
disqualified if he cuts the course.

There will be two restrooms available.  One is in the brick block building
just north of the outside basketball courts.  The restroom in the Boy's
Locker Room can be reached by turning to the right once inside the room.

Please have your runners stay away from the scorer's table at all times.
Warm up area is on the large athletic area.  The football field is out of
bounds until the football practice is over.