1966 Highlites

Remember when ............

We ran the first "mile" run
Pete threw a mud pie
Scott's sweats were cut-up
Manny's shoes escaped the mower
Dennis Hanson was all dirt from the waist down
Pete was caught for walking a straight line (football field that is)
The Hermit got mad
Three little boys were hiding in the weeds from the Hermit
You picked up the poison oak?
One of us got a haircut ---- Rapson style???
One of us got a haircut on Sunday
We had milkshakes at Froster's Freeze
We had milkshakes elsewhere
Dennis Hanson made love to Gertrude?
We almost went thru a stop sign .....
We played football
We played football on weekends when the coach wasn't around
We first went up to run the hills
Dennis Stock beat everyone in the quarry run
Hiked up the mountain before the Alum Rock meet
Randy's car failed to make it up Regnart Road
We ran the first emblem run
We didn't get kissed at Del Mar
Manny came from behind to win the National Postal meet at College of San Mateo
The bus trip back from Hallmark
Dennis and friends hid some tape and blamed Monte Faust
Mike Butterfield finished a race
Mike Butterfield finished a race and didn't talk
Earl Burke, Scott Schwager and John McCoy talked about girls instead of baseball!!!
Manny caught his famous "cold"
John McCoy beat Manny Mahon in their "famous half mile run"
Michael Alfred would talk to his girlfriend during rest breaks
Ed Young and Ken Sillva beat their friend from Fremont
Ed Young and Ken Silva were beaten by their friend from Fremont
George Clark didn't have something wrong with him
We lost a beatle!!!
Brett and friend were running at night and stopped to see the accident
Someone ran poorly at College of San Mateo and blamed it on "too tight pants"
We ran a JV race at Sunnyvale and Del Mar
We ran in the mud at Vasona
We ran at Kennedy school
The coach had a back seat driver until the car in front of us made a left hand turn
The sophomores thought that they were great football players
Someone didn't come to practice

The above are a "few" of the memories on the 1966 cross country season.  I'm sure
   the guilty will know who they are, but you're just lucky I didn't say more.