Sunnyvale Invitational Information - 1966

SUNNYVALE HIGH ANNUAL CENTER MEET CROSS COUNTRY Saturday Oct. 1, 1966 No trophies, medals, ribbons, or other awards. Just a chance to get in some good competition with other teams in the area. There will be two heats in the frosh, soph, and JV divisions; and possibly two varsity heats (if necessary). The first heat in each division will be for teams of at least 5 but not more than 7 men. The second heat will be for any additional men you have over 7 plus any schools having less than 5 men. Team scores will be kept in the first heat in each division only. The first event will start at 9:30 A.M. with the first frosh race. Soph, JV, and varsity heats will follow in that order. Our locker room will be open but it is recommended that all competitiors plan to dress and shower at their own schools. All high schools in the area are invited to attend. It is hoped that as many coaches as possible will bring their squads to this meet. If you plan to attend please notify the meet director as soon as possible, also let us know approximately how many entries you will have in each division. The course (same as last year) is approximately 1.9 miles in length, partly on track, mostly on grass. Shoes are recommended but many runners compete here without them. For further information contact cross country coach Phil Mooers at Sunnyvale High School. School phone 739-0561 (leave message), home phone 326-7427 (Palo Alto).