Regions Press Relese - 1967

PRESS RELEASE 11/14/67 TO: Regional Meet Managers & Newspapers FROM: Verne #. Thornburg, Meet Director, Region II Cross Country Meet WHERE: Vasona Park TIME: 3:15 PM WHEN: November 16, 1967 Note that this is a Thursday Meet WHAT: Region II Cross Country Meet to qualify teams and individuals to the CCS Cross Country Meet at York School, Laguna Seca, Wednesday, November 22nd I have included the sheet handed to all the participating schools. In addition, here are comments about the meet. Homestead, Los Altos & Westmont would all appear to be "in" as team representatives. Cupertino, Wilcox, Camden, Fremont, Willow Glen & Mt. Pleasant all have a better than average chance for the three other spots. Live Oak, Lynbrook Overfelt & Saratoga are all even and one of these teams could surprise as they have been improving in the last few meets. The other teams have little chance to place in the top six. The individuals to represent Region II will depend on what teams do or do not qualify. In the first heat, Dave Sanford and Jack Christensen of Homestead look like winners if they can beat Baldovinos of Willow Glen. Runncie of Del Mar and Churchill of Mt. Pleasant could also win. These are the top five in the first heat. In the second heat, which is suppose to be the weak heat, the best time may be made. Jack Larson of Fremont and Dan Cruz of Wilcox, two excellent juniors, have the fastest times at Vasona Park this year and will be pushing each other for fast time. Manny Mahon of Lynbrook and Mario Beekes of Saratoga are definite darkhorses. Each has been running much better lately and could help their teams to ast team times. It appears to be a very very close fight for the last three team places and top six individual times. After last week's leeague meets, nothing is a cinch. Lynbrook beat a very good Awalt team. I believe that Awalt may have the best cross country team not to qualify in the entire section. Live Oak upset Willow Glen in their league meet, while Saratoga greatly improved their team standings in the WVAL. Only the MHAL meet provided no big surprise. For the first time this year, teams must qualify into the three regional cross country meets via places in their respective varsity league standings. Because Region II is the largest region in CCS cross country, this will neceessitate the running of two heats in the regional meet. The teams & individuals in HEAT ONE 1. Homestead 1st SCVAL 10. Individuals 2. Los Altos 2nd SCVAL Roblebo, Jim Piedmont Hills 3. Cupertino 3rd SCVAL Slovak, Mark Piedmont Hills 4. Mt. Pleasan1st MHAL Moran San Jose 5. Overfelt 2nd MHAL Freemuth, JohnAwalt 6. Live Oak 1st STAL Runcie Del Mar 7. Willow Glen2nd STAL Franusich, PetLos gatos 8. Westmont 1st WVAL Swift, Russ Branham 9. Camden 2nd WVAL Hobbs, Duncan Los Gatos Jones, Bill Branham Bowan, Craig Leigh The teams in HEAT TWO 1. Wilcox 4th SCVAL 2. Fremont 5th (tieSCVAL 3. Sunnyvale 5th (tieSCVAL 4. Lynbrook 7th SCVAL 5. James Lick 3rd MHAL 6. Samuel Ayer4th MHAL 7. Pioneer 3rd STAL 8. Leland 4th STAL 9. Blackford 3rd WVAL 10.Saratoga 4th WVAL 11.Campbell 5th WVAL The first heat will start at 3:20 with the second heat scheduled to start at 3:35 pm. The top six teams plus the top six individuals, whose team does not qualify, will represent Region II in the CCS cross country championships at York School, Laguna Seca, Wednesday, November 22, 1967. These representatives will be selected by time only. This is a slight change from original plan. The change was made because several coaches brought forth hypothetical situations which could have made chaos out of the original plan. Again, time will be the sole determination of selection. Because the team times will be close, it is a must that all coaches, managers, team members and team timers stay outside the barricades. Only people with badges will be allowed in this area. There will be two separate timers to check each other. Upon arrival at Vasona Park, report to scoring table for your envelope containing specific and important information about the Region II Meet. TEAM COMPARISONS AT CRYSTAL SPRINGS November 17, 1967 Vasona Park VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY 1. Mills 59:09 MPL 1. Carlmont 65:55 SPAL 2. St. Francis 59:57 CAL 2. St. Ignatius 65:59 CAL 3. Carlmont 60:03 SPAL 3. Hillsdale 66:19 MPL 4. Riordan 60:50 CAL 4. San Mateo 66:24 MPL 5. St. Ignatius 61:00 CAL 5. Mills 67:12 MPL 5. Burlingame 62:38 MPL 5. Burlingame 67:37 MPL 7. Hillsdale 62:52 MPL 7. Aragon 70:14 MPL 8. Menlo Atherto63:34 SPAL 8. Menlo Ather. 70:34 SPAL 9. Mt. Eden 63:34 9. St. Ignatius 70:44 CAL 10. El Camino 63:55 NPL 10. Wilcox 71:02 11. Woodside 64:34 SPAL 11. Palo Alto 71:04 SPAL 12. Aragon 64:36 MPL 12. Mt. Eden 71:12 13. Palo Alto 64:36 SPAL 13. El Camino 71:36 NPL 14. Wilcox 64:58 14. Westmoor 72:14 NPL 15. Serra 65:00 CAL 15. Crestmoor 73:41 NPL 16. San Carlos 65:24 SPAL 16. Oceana 74:47 NPL 17. San Mateo 66:02 MPL 17. Woodside 77:07 SPAL 18. Bellarmine 66:24 CAL 19. Terra Nova 66:52 NPL 20. Cubberley 68:22 SPAL SOPHOMORES 21. Crestmoor 68:23 NPL 22. Westmoor 68:35 NPL 1. Sequoia 65:36 SPAL 23. Gunn 69:11 SPAL 2. Carlmont 66:13 SPAL 24. Mt. View 70:21 3. Riordan 67:14 CAL 25. Oceana 72:23 NPL 4. St. Francis 67:40 CAL 26. Capuchino 73:01 MPL 5. Mills 67:55 MPL 27. Mitty 74:29 CAL 5. San Carlos 68:10 SPAL 28. Sequoia 76:08 SPAL 7. Aragon 68:12 MPL 8. Woodside 68:22 SPAL 9. Terra Nova 68:42 NPL FROSH 10. Serra 68:55 CAL 11. San Mateo 70:06 MPL 1. Carlmont 68:20 SPAL 12. Bellarmine 70:21 CAL 2. San Carlos 69:05 SPAL 13. Burlingame 70:40 MPL 3. St. Ignatius 69:09 CAL 14. St. Ignatius 71:01 CAL 4. Hillsdale 69:43 MPL 15. Hillsdale 71:18 MPL 5. Crestmoor 71:20 MPL 16. Menlo Ather. 72:22 CSPAL 6. Terra Nova 71:32 NPL 17. Oceana 72:33 WPL 7. Wilbur 71:52 SPAL 18. Cubberley 73:01 SPAL 8. Wilcox 72:20 19. Crestmoor 73:38 MPL 9. Capuchino 72:48 MPL 20. Wilcox 73:49 10. Woodside 73:16 SPAL 21. Palo Alto 74:26 SPAL 11. Jefferson 73:27 NPL 22. Westmoor 74:30 MNPL 12. Burlingame 73:37 MPL 23. Mt. View 76:04 12. Mills 73:37 MPL 24. Gunn 76:26 SPAL 14. St. Francis 74:16 CAL 25. Mitty 78:29 CAL 15. Mt. Eden 75:00 26. Mt. Eden 79:46 16. Mitty 77:13 CAL 17. Aragon 79:04 MPL 18. Menlo Atherto79:46 SPAL 19. Bellarmine 80:02 CAL 20. Westmoor 82:32 NPL