Tiger Talk Article - 1968

At the beginning of the cross country

X-C City Meet - 11/08/68

Terman's cross country team became city champions November eighth. They swept the championship at Gunn High school taking first in the ninth and eighth grades, and tying for first in the seventh grade. The eighth grade placed five out of the top six and the winner, Tim Zwier, who had previously set the course record, ran away from the other competitors. Wilbur's Geiken brothers won the seventh and ninth grade races but as a team they were beaten in both competitions. Outstanding eighth grade runners were Gordon MacMitchell, Dave Miers, Tim O'Hearn, Tom Oberhelman, Rich Worthington, and Tim Zwier. Outstanding ninth grade runners were Dave Furbush, Brian Good, George Jones, Robert Jones, Fred Kellog, Brad Leva, Kirk Ross, and Bill Thormahlen.