Region 2 Predictions - 1970

by Verne Thornburg Heat #1 SMALL SCHOOL FROSH/SOPH (2 teams to qualify) Monta Vista and Peterson are the favorites in a very close one. Lee Gazley of Peterson & Bernie Mahon of Monta Vista are the individuals to watch in this one. Heat #2 LARGE SCHOOL FROSH/SOPH (5 teams to qualify) Homestead is a slight favorite, but Carlmont, Gunn, Wilcox and Lynbrook could win with a good team effort. This race looks very close and can go anyway. Jeff Arce of Wilcox and Gordon MacMitchell of Gunn are the favorites, unless Tim Stewart of Lynbrook runs in this race. Heat #3 SMALL SCHOOL VARSITY (2 teams to quaify) Russ Goodman of Santa Clara and Stewart Thompson of Menlo will try to lead their teams into the CCS. They should make it. Heat #4 LARGE SCHOOL VARSITY (5 teams to qualify) Hans Templeman of Carlmont will try to protect his record on this course. He should, but he will be pushed. His teammate, Steve Miller, Rick Hart and Dave Chamness along with Larry Chamness of Awalt will make it close. Carlmont and Awalt will battle for the team trophies. San Carlos, Los Altos & Homestead appear to battle for the other 3 places. For any other team to break into the top five, will definately be a surprise. Race #5 JUNIOR VARSITY (5 teams to qualify) Carlmont and Awalt are shoo-ins; however, the other 3 spots are definately up for grabs. These are really the only open spots in this meet with evey team having a chance to qualify. Race #6 FRSHMAN (5 to qualify) Homestead's one-two punch with Ron Lewis & Pat Erbes make them a fine team and favorite in a good strong field. Bob Powers of Los Altos won the SCVAL and Kelly Lawson of San Carlos won the SPAL and both hope to lead their teams to victory. Carlmont and Lynbrook do not have such outstanding runners, but could surprise everyone as they both have teams that run as a group. If any one of these fine teams should fall apart, Awalt & Woodside would have the best chance to step in. No matter who qualifies, Region II will be well represented in the CCS frosh race.