Watermelon Run - 1970

2.5 miles @ Lynbrook HS

Watermelon Run 1970 2.5 miles Name Sch Time 1 Phillips, Jeff 14:00.0 2 Beeman, Tony 14:06.0 3 Stewart, Rick 14:06.0 4 Skinner, Paul 14:07.0 4 Stewart, Tim 14:07.0 6 Howard, Glen 14:09.0 7 Deselms, Kevin 14:11.0 8 Buckreus, Vance 14:12.0 9 Hawk, Joel 14:35.0 10 Grady, Tom 14:42.0 11 Mitchell, Bob 14:52.0 12 Sorensen, Scott 15:00.0 13 Tyson, Tim 15:07.0 14 Doust, James 15:07.0 15 Nielson, Doug 15:27.0 16 Kachur, James 15:33.0 17 Lyon, Mark 15:33.0 18 Blomseth, Richard 16:02.0 1 Kennedy, Craig 11:00.0 2 Kennedy, Craig 11:56.0 3 Schaller, Mike 12:26.0 4 Earlt, Dennis 12:38.0 5 Fraser, Mike 13:16.0 6 Andrews Tim 13:34.0 Backer, Richard 13:40.0 TOP FRESHMEN Kennedy TOP SOPHMORE Phillips TOP JUNIOR Buckreus TOP SENIOR Beeman TOP RUNNER Phillips TOP TEAMS Seniors 23.5 Sophs 41.5 Juniors 49 Comments on the Meet: 1) Varsity ran in a pack for the first time. 2) Varsity runners were looking for Paul to take the lead and they got jumped by Jeff. 3) Good move by Jeff. In big races that is the way to win: leave the crowd behind all of a sudden. 4) Vance fell back at the far turn and couldn't regain ground down the home stretch. 5) Don't be surprised if the number 1 runner doesn't come to the front; in other words, don't wait for him. 6) Good job Bob Mitchell & Tim Tyson. 7) Craig Kennedey stayed with the pack for 1 1/2 good time. 8) Tim Andrews isn't ready yet for the fast pace that he ran the first 1 1/2 miles. I like that spirit to stay in there and with more experience and work he will. 9) Mike Schaller ran well for the frist time out, as did Lance Krieger. With experience they can help the sophomore team. 10)Kevin Deselms doesn't seem to be in shape yet. (a la Faust) 12)Mike Clark got out of the meet for the second year in a row. 13)With no speed work, Thursday's races will seem to you as if you are running hard the entire race. 14)It looked as if Paul let his fellow bandsmen beat him. Wait untill the bandmaster hears about this!!! 15)1 1/2 hours of running over the three day weekend. Could be 45 minutes today & Sat; could be 1 hour Fri and 30 minutes Sat. You are on your own. The team however will suffer if you don't. 16)Freshman if you don't run, you'll never get over your sore legs & feet. 17)TOP RUNNER of the Week is Jeff Phillips, who as you will remember had great trouble finishing a freshman race last year. 18)Eat your heart out Tom Neuman. Save all the money you can for milkshakes!! 19)Find the misspelled word Mike Fraser and win a mil.