Roster - 1973

DATES: Physicals Aug 22 10:00am mostly football Aug 25 10:00am that's a Saturday Aug 29 2:00pm Sept 5 2:00pm First day of practice: Aug 27 (Monday), time will be given later. REMEMBER: Physicals and insurance can be taken care of at the nurse's office starting Aug 20th. Let's get the phusicals and the insurance out of the way before Aug 27th if possible. Clark, Blair Collins, Curt Craver, Jim Crumb, Ted Early, Mike Grady, Matt Heintz, Mark Hilson, Richard Johnson, Bill Lyon, Howard McQueeney, Mike Sunday, Robert Suzuki, Mark Vance, Paul Andrus, Paul Campbell, Richard Carrier, Randy Day, Lee Ferguson, Ron Gate, Mike Harline, Matt Hulburd, Chris Rockhold, Steve Andrews, Tim Early, Dennis Kennedy, Craig Knowles, David Didn't include freshman, may have forgotten someone, didn't have time. Last thing now done before flying off to Europe. Have a good summer. See you in August.