AAU Championships - 11/30/74

6.2 miles @ Crystal Springs

Directions to Crystal Springs Crystal Springs Course Map Crystal Springs Course Map (Aerial View) and another Aerial View Virtual Tour of Crystal Springs - WMV file (4:35) CCS D1&D2 Girls and D2 Boys - Download Video Instructions Crystal Springs All Time List Lynbrook Crystal Springs All Time List
Olympic Gold Medalist Peter Snell (New Zealand) was the guest starter.
AAU Championships Video 2:40 click on picture for PDF of Meet Program Start: all the way back to the trail for the JC-Cutoff. Run the "Start Runway" to the HS Start. 1st 5K: Run the HS course, 5K when you get to the "Start Runway". 2nd 5K: Run the HS Mile Loop in REVERSE direction. Run the rest of the course in correct direction. Finish: Run past the HS Finish, thru the "Start Runway", up to the hill where MV always sets up and then 20 meters over the crest (heading downhill) is the Finish. See video for more info. Neil Cusack (left) & Ted Castaneda (center) shown leading. Winner John Ngeno (in second). Magezine article by Kenny Moore. Newspaper Article on Crystal Course and how/why it came to be. There were three forms of timing used that day: 1) Omega Photo Timing System 2) Hand times with a tic-sheet 3) Meet Director couldn't remember the 3rd but will look in his notes.