Menlo-Stanford Invitational Information - 09/30/76

Third Annual Stanford Invitational                          SCHEDULE OF RACES

36 Schools
Race classification based on available enrollment information and the number of team 
   entries in each race.
Be sure your team is at the staging area on time (10 minutes before race time).  
Schools will be placed on the starting line as they arrive in the area.

Race #1        Boys JV  3:20  Race #2        Boys JV  3:40  Race #3        Boys Var  4:00
14 Teams       134 Runners    15 Teams       123 Runners    17 Teams       119 Runners

Aragon         Lynbrook       Bellarmine     Menlo-Atherton Aragon         Mills
Carlmont       Mills          Buchser        Palo Alto      Carlmont       Monta Vista
Cupertino      Monta Vista    Camden         Piedmont Hills Cupertino      Mt Pleasant
Fremont        Mt Pleasant    Capuchino      Prospect       Fremont        Oak Grove
Homestead      Oak Grove      Cubberley      Serra          Homestead      San Mateo
Leigh          Saratoga       Del Mar        Sunnyvale      Leigh          Saratoga
Los Altos      Westmoor       Gunn           Terra Nova     Los Altos      Serra
                              Menlo                         Lynbrook       Westmoor

Race #4        Boys Var  4:20 Race #5        Boys Soph  4:40Race #6        Boys Soph  5:00
16 Teams       108 Runners    14 Teams       129 Runners    17 Teams       134 Runners

Bellarmine     Menlo          Aragon         Lynbrook       Bellarmine     Mills
Branham        Mtn View       Carlmont       Monta Vista    Buchser        Mtn View
Buchser        Palo Alto      Cupertino      Mt Pleasant    Camden         Prospect
Camden         Piedmont Hills Fremont        Oak Grove      Capuchino      Serra
Capuchino      Prospect       Homestead      San Mateo      Cubberley      Sunnyvale
Cubberley      Sunnyvale      Leigh          Saratoga       Del Mar        Terra Nova
Del Mar        Terra Nova     Los Altos      Westmoor       Gunn           Wilcox
Gunn           Wilcox                                       Menlo          Palo Alto

Race #7        Girls  5:20    Race #8        Boys Frosh  5:4Race #9        Boys Frosh  6:00
23 Teams       80 Runners     14 Teams       137 Runners    18 Teams       141 Runners

Aragon         Menlo-Atherton Aragon         Lynbrook       Bellarmine     Mills
Branham        Mills          Carlmont       Monta Vista    Buchser        Mtn View
Buchser        Mtn View       Cupertino      Mt Pleasant    Camden         Palo Alto
Camden         Palo Alto      Fremont        Oak Grove      Capuchino      Peterson
Carlmont       Prospect       Homestead      San Mateo      Cubberley      Prospect
Castilleja     Oak Grove      Leigh          Saratoga       Del Mar        Serra
Cupertino      St Francis                                   Gunn           Sunnyvale
Del Mar        Sunnyvale                                    Menlo          Terra Nova
Fremont        Westmoor                                     Menlo-Atherton Wilcox
Gunn           Wilcox
Los Altos

Important: A team must run a 7 man varsity if the school is entering even 1 runner in JV.
           You must wear shoes, no spikes allowed.
           The Clerk Of Course, Plato Yanicks, will call races 10 minutes before starting time.
           Teams will be placed on the line in SINGLE file.

           Spoters will be at all intersections or possible places where cutting could occur.
           The course will be marked with white chalk arrows.
           Time will be called at the 1 mile mark.
           At the finish runners must remain in the chute wutil places have been recorded.