Sept 24, 1977

Results of the Sunnyvale Invitational @ Sunnyvale High School  09-24-1977

Colvin, Jesse     12:31  last year 12:59
Deagan, John      12:51
Slavin, David     13:37  last year 13:39
Johnson, David    13:43
Fishback, Dave    13:39  last year 12:59
Townsend, James   13:56  last year 13:36
Hathaway, Scot    14:05
Holdbrook, Kalon  14:24
Ramirez, Mark     14:31
Clemas, Pat       14:35
Brown, Blaine     DNF
Krumm, Lewis      DNF

This is the smallest group of Lynbrook runners ever to appear at the Sunnyvale meet.
I hope that we will double our size Thursday at Stanford.  The top five times are
either sophomores or freshman.  Sunnyvale is a very flat and fast course, whereas
the upcoming meets will not be.  The Sunnyvale results show little when comparing it
to the big meets in November; however, experience was gained.  Several runners had a
very good day at Sunnyvale.  Jesse Colvin finished 7th in the varsity race.  As far
as I know, he was the only sophomore in the top ten runners.  Jesse may give some of
them a more difficult time when it comes to the hills.  John Deagan, a freshman, ran
an outstanding race in the sophomore division and finished 7th.  His time would have
tied him for first had he run in the freshman race.  His time of 12:51 also breaks
Jesse's record of 12:59 there last year.  For this, John is our cross country runner
of the week.  Two other runners who ran very well were freshman Dave Johnson and
senior Pat Clemes.

     The Stanford Invitational course is changed.  We start near El Camino Real in the
parking lot for baseball and football games.  It is a 2.8 mile course around the 
football and baseball stadiums and thru the athletic fields and parking lots.  You will
run around it twice.  The first race starts at 3:10 pm (JVs).  The varsity race is
at 4:10; and the sophomore race at 5:10 and the frosh race at 5:50.  Since it is a very
long day, some of you may wish to drop by to see your son run and then take him home
with you, if he runs early.

     The Lynbrook Boosters Club is a social organization that helps support our various
athletic teams at Lynbrook.  They need as many members as possible, so they are now
on a membership drive.  I realize that some of your already belong, but if you don't,
Mrs. Hathaway or myself will be happy to sign you up.  Cross Country receives 3
scholar-athlete awards each year from the club.  We also use the ice-making machine
that they gave to the athletic department.  Thus, cross country does benefit from this
group.  It costs $1.00 per parent for the school year.  I'll be in touch with you
later about a membership.

     At Sunnyvale, the soph team finished 5 out of 10 and the varsity team was 9 out of 13.
We hope to have enough freshman to run a freshman race at Stanford and hope to improve
our team's finish.

Verne Thornberg