What does all the first page mean? It means anything you want it to mean, for it is difficult at this stage of the cross country season to estimate what is going to happen in the League Finals at Crystal Springs on November 6, 1979. However, several things do stand out.

We are not in great shape team wise, nor are we struggling badly.

We have a fairly young team and must understand that it generally takes time to develop as cross country runners.

We can have a good season if we can keep everyone healthy and develop a good attitude.

Running at Lynbrook (flat) is far different than running at Crystal springs (hills).

In the girls division, Karen Whipple is greatly improved and doing an outstanding job. The others have also improved greatly. Please notice the improvement in the girls’ team time this year.

The pace for the first mile was slower than usual. However, Jesse moved out in the second half of the race very well. He appears to getting back in shape after a very badly sprained ankle last month. The next 5 runners all improved their time from last year.

Freshmen Steve Kilik and Rob Lee did a very good job. Could Lynbrook have another possible frosh league champion runner again? Colvin, Deagen, and Fitchen have been the league frosh champion ht e last three years. After going to years with a champion, the Vikings have and three frosh in a row.

Congratulations to Tom Schulenburg, Guy Peabody, Steve Kilik, Rob Lee, and William Jenks for their surprisingly good times.

Our first race of the year will be at Sunnyvale High School on Saturday, September 22, 1979. The first race starts at 10:00 a.m. The boys’ varsity race is at 11:00 a.m. with the girls’ varsity following it.

Our second meet is scheduled for Stanford next Thursday, September 27th; however, it may be cancelled. If it is, the next meet will be at Homestead, on Thursday, October 4th. I’ll get a schedule with times as soon as I hear fro Stanford.