Freshman Letter - 1980

                                                                        Turlock, California
                                                                        August 13, 1980

        Sorry that I didn't get to see everyone (who in June had indicated that they wanted to run cross country at Lynbrook) Monday when I was in San Jose
for a few hours. This is what I was basically telling those that I did see;
        (1) In order to compete in any sport at the high school level, you need to have a physical from your family physician. If your family has the Kaiser plan,
you should have your parents call for an appointment NOW. Just in case you have lost the physical card given you when Coach Talbot of Lynbrook visited Miller
in June, a new one can be picked up from the Lynbrook main office. The best time to get one is from 9-11 in the morning. Just go in and ask for another.
        (2) Because of added duties around school before classes start, I probably will not get all the freshmen running together until the first day of school. I
will be by to see you sometime between July 26th and the start of school. Just when depends on how fast I can get a number of items completed around school.
        (3) I don't expect that anyone of you are in top notch condition, but I would like you to get in as much running as possible between now and the
opening of school. It should be mainly on a grass surface. You should start out easily and build up your distance. My main concern is that on the first day of
school that you will be able to do some running without having to stop every few steps. However, the MOST IMPORTANT item is getting that physical card
        I'll be seeing you in about two weeks,

                Verne E. Thornburg