Cross Country Notes June 10, 1981 Coach Thornburg

(1) the date of the beginning of school is still unknown, and there is still a chance it might be Sept 8th instead of Sept 2nd, and because
(2) I will be attending the World Cup Track Meet in Rome, Italy, the first week in September, and because
(3) we need to get organized and get off to a good start in September, please take note of the following:

Dr. Levitz will give physicals again this year to both boys and girls (no freshman) for $5.00 at 2:00 p.m. in the co-ed office on August 19th and 26th. I hope he will be back in early September, but at this time donít count on it. As you complete the card, give them to Coach Fishback for safekeeping until after Labor Day when we will go in mass to the ASB bank with forms and $25.00 participation fees.

The weight room in the boysí locker room will be open from about 6-8 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. You may work out if you wish. Those of you who arenít very strong need to improve you strength.

The first meet is now planned for September 21, a Monday, at Menlo-Atherton High School.

Coach Fishback will be here in September. On the first day of school there will be practice during 6th period class for upper class students with after school practice for freshmen and others. Have clothes and shoes ready. If you donít have a locker, he can store them for you.

Todd Fitchen, senior class president next year is also the cross country team captain. He lives at 5676 McKellar Dr., SJ, with telephone number 257-8484. He will see that everyone is running in August. I would like him to run with everyone before school starts. He can also inform you of the All-Comers Meets.

If you have a combination master lock, bring it and Coach Fishback will give you a locker.