Dear Coach:

I would like to thank you and your athletes for attending the 8th Annual St. Francis-Foothill Cross Country Carnival. The smoothness of its operation reflected you cooperation and patience. We are confident of reaching our goal 25 schools next year (we had 21 this year) and we do promise to make an even more enjoyable event next year.

The 9th Annual Invitational is set for October 16th, 1982 and you’re invited. For those who didn’t stick around, the picnic was very much a success and we are including it in our plans for next year (everyone was fed in about 5 minutes), please plan on it also.

In closing I would like to acknowledge the "important" inside people who assisted me. Coach Tom Tuite & and his helpers (scoring @ co-sponsorship), Tena Harms (food & finish line), Foothill athletes (especially Liana Morris (food), Kevin Murray (course), Eric Short and Mr. Gill (picnic area), Dan Gonzalez (finish line) and Bill Anderson (announcer), Starting Line Sports (cups and drink), and Converse Running for the awards. Please spread the word.

Good Luck the Rest of the Season……..

Take Care,

Dwayne "Peanut" Harms

Head Track & XC Coach