Watermelon Run - 09/20/83

     Watermelon Run
     XC Scores 9/20/83
     Lynbrook 2.36 Miles

     Name                Sch   1983 Time

1    West, Mike                13:07.0
2    Mansfield, Kirk           13:16.8
3    Rusckow, Andy             13:50.7
4    Martin, Frank             13:50.7
5    Tran, Cuong               14:10.5
6    Sze, Stan                 14:23.7
7    Pepper, Ed                14:49.9
8    Acosta, Cesar             14:50.1
9    Pletrowicz, Steve         14:53.6
10   Winter, Mike              14:54.8
11   McCarty, David            14:57.3
12   Newton, Paul              15:10.3
13   Seck, Michelle            15:12.9
14   Miller, Joel              15:19.7
15   Vizir, Andy               15:20.7
16   Flores, Frank             15:32.5
17   Gunby, Lee                15:54.7
18   Brum, David               16:08.1
19   Pardini, Michael          16:28.1
20   Witthaus, Rob             16:37.6
21   McElvany, Toby            16:58.6
22   Elliot, Bryan             16:59.1
23   Membreno, Lisa            17:19.1
24   Jaime, Everett            17:40.0
25   Erickson, Ann             17:41.5
26   Romeo, Paula              17:53.0
27   Brock, Rachel             17:55.4
28   Jimenez, Theresa          18:12.5
29   Kelleher, Pat             18:26.6
30   Roberts, Stephanie        18:27.9
31   English, Jennifer         18:59.5
32   Stephenson, Carol         20:35.4
33   Rayburn, Craig            20:51.9
34   Wittmer, Carrie           22:26.5

Coaches Comments:

Congradulations are due for the following:

Mike West for winning the Watermelon Run
Michelle Seck for winngin the girls' division for the 4th year and setting a new school record
Stan Sze for the best time for a runner who had never run the Watermelon Race before
Steve Pistrowicz for being the first freshmen and the only one to beat Michelle.
David Mccarthy for the msot improved time.  This is only the start.
Cuong Tran for being the bigest surprise fo the meet.
Girls' Team for the best team time ever on the course.
Kirk Mansfield for staying with the very fast pace and hanging in there.

It was definitely the hottest day ever for a Watermelon Run, and this
hurt most of the times. Add to the heat a very fast first mile, and the
times were off. Thus anyone who improved their times did very well.

It didn't show the improvement factor (time) for the runners, so you will
have to figure them out yourself. 34 finishers is the second highest
total ever, and with only 2 seniors, next year should prove to have a
record number of finishers. I believe that one can see by glancing at
the results, that we have a very inexperienced team this year. Only by
running as a team, are we going to beat up on other teams.

We did not warm up or ward down together, but as we start runnning in
the various meets, I expect that we will do so. Once this hot weather
is over, hills here we come. Menlo-Atherton will be our first meet, and
it will be this coming Monday, September 26th. The first race starts
at 3:00. The order ahs usually been as follows: JV; Boys' Varsity;
Girls' Varsity; Frosh; and Girls' JV. Sophomores and Juniors run in the
JV race. As a whole, the group ran well, but we have a great deal of
of work to do before the league meet.

If you didn't run as well as you thought you might, please remember
that every year some people who didn't do well in the first part of
the season end up on the Varsity team as our best runers. Just ask
Mike West and Andy Rusckow where they finished last year in this race.
On the other hand, PLEASE, don't get the "I'm the greatest" feeling just
because you ran well in this meet. The course is flat and fast, while
in the league finals, the course is hilly and not so fast.